The Baby and Kids tend to get
spoiled and it’s time to add mom into the mix.
We are bringing you a great group of bloggers
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July 5th- July 30th

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  1. Miranda Welle Reply

    I would actually gift it to a friend who is going through a hard time. Her mom has cancer and it doesn’t look good so this would brighten her day.

  2. James Robert Reply

    I would give to my twin daughters to share so they will continue reading and adding many books they’d enjoy

  3. Danielle G Reply

    I’d love to buy and rent books with it to read with my little boy and to read on my own 🙂

  4. Marlete Ledford Reply

    I would use this to tame my and my daughter’s overwhelming collection of books! This would be perfect for my oldest who is just now learning how to read!

  5. Jodi Armstrong Reply

    I’d love to make it a toddler friendly book/app that she can use for trips and it doesn’t have mom/dad stuff on it that she can muck up 🙂

  6. Wendy Caddy Reply

    I would ask one of my daughters or grandchildren to show me how to use it. I am way behind the times.

  7. I would give it to a friend who’s recovering from a broken leg!

  8. Claire Rheinheimer Reply

    My husband has a Kindle, and I can use it at times, but it would be so much nicer to have my own! I’d keep this for myself and immediately load it with a bunch of books!

  9. I would definitely do a lot of reading with it, my old kindle is on the fritz (my very old kindle). I would also use it for entertainment on road trips and vacations. 🙂

  10. I would give it to my son so he could read books and watch movies

  11. we’re homeschoolers and this would be an incredible resource!! we dont have much technology, this would be a great addition!

  12. Jessica Gipson Reply

    I would immediately purchase tons of books for myself, educational apps for the children and amazon prime movies for my hubby to watch on the kindle.

  13. jalapenomamamn Reply

    I would use the Kindle for my genealogy books.
    form name Barbara Montag
    thank you

  14. I would give it to my granddaughter who will be 10 years old in August. She loves to read and has been asking for a Kindle Fire HD for about a year now.

  15. This is so awesome! I would definitely read of course- reading is my favorite. I would also let my Nana use this!

  16. I would use it to read to my toddler as well as use the internet as of now we dont have any other form of internet other than cell phones i would be soooop stoked to win this! Thanks for the chance

  17. heather hayes panjon Reply

    I Would Read A Lot Of Books, Read My Favorite Blogs And Connect On Social Media.

  18. Linda Trinklein Reply

    I would use it to read! my kids would watch netflix! thankyou

  19. richelle bowers Reply

    I would give it to my son so he can read more books. he loves to read!

  20. Marilyn Nawara Reply

    I would use it to read books — I have the original Kindle and it needs to be replaced with a Fire.

  21. Dawn Monroe Reply

    I would give it to my daughter. She would get a lot of use out of it reading books, music and research.

  22. I would give it to my Mother who would use it all the time for e-mails, work and social media.

  23. Terra Heck Reply

    I’d use it to play games and read ebooks. Thanks.

  24. Caroline B Reply

    I would give it to my hubby for his birthday, he would love one!

  25. This is such a fabulous prize!! I have been drooling over a Kindle Fire forever, but have never quite been able to take the plunge. I would love to read eBooks and listen to audiobooks. I have always wanted to take advantage of Amazon Prime’s lending library. I would also read books and watch videos with my toddler (we’re on a Clifford the Big Red Dog kick right now). Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  26. Jillian Too Reply

    I would give it to my brother for his birthday. He loves to read.

  27. Lilia Kharabora Reply

    We don’t own any sort of tablet so we would read, discover apps with my 3 little ones. Thanks so much! sincerely.

  28. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) Reply

    If I won, I would give this to my daughter for her to use for reading.

  29. I would give it to my husband as a gift. He loves reading books in his phone, but it is so small, that this would be perfect!

  30. Jessica C. Reply

    I would use a Kindle Fire HD in homeschooling my children, and in reading to them just for fun. We could listen to audiobooks and play fun and educational apps together with it, too.

  31. crystal gibson Reply

    I would love to read a good book plus I would share it with my daughter.

  32. Jessica Funderburk Reply

    We would definitely use it as a homeschooling resource!

  33. Susan Smith Reply

    I would keep it for myself. I have always wanted one, I would read books.

  34. I would use it to keep kids entertained at doctors appointments or other times we have long waits.

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