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All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Ever since Chloe was a child she’s always wanted more. So in 2014, she wanted to be a business owner and in a few short months she built Creatively Clo. Over the last four years, Creatively Clo has truly blossomed and with the help of her partner Andrew, Creatively Clo hits close to 70,000 views monthly. This website focuses on travel, recipes and all news entertainment.

Chloe is a successful writer and editor and has been featured on many publications such as the Huffington Post. Andrew studying to be an engineer at a top university, enjoys holding a strong passion for writing and the arts.  Together, they make the duo-team which we call “Creatively Clo.” This successful duo is a small but motivated team that is always willing to assist both small and large companies with marketing in a smooth, timely manner.

What we’re looking for

Creatively Clo works with many companies, and is primarily an entertainment, travel blog that features many top destinations around the world, entertainment news and product updates.

  • Sponsored post and giveaway
  • Hotel and/or dining review
  • Travel opportunities
  • Entertainment travel sponsorship
  • Consumer product review (Technology, Homegoods, Appliances, Video Games, etc.)

Feel free to contact us at chloemarchant@creativelyclo.com

View our media kit HERE for more demographics


  1. Hi Chloe,
    I’m looking for your Summer BTS Guide but don’t see any products when I click on it. Is the guide out yet? I might be interested in adding my product to it!
    Much thanks!

  2. Nina Boyan Reply

    Hi Chloe. It’s me! I love your work. I will be following you on insta. Good job.

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