Reviews by Clo is excited to announce a guest post from our friends at Growing up Madison!
Today she’ll share this fun, kid friendly post on how to make your own crayons!

Thank you Chloe for having us today. Our weather hasn’t given us much chances to go outside so we’ve been cooped up indoors doing what we love to do best, arts and crafts. There is nothing quite like bonding with your toddler or pre-schooler over some paper and crayons. However have you wondered what to do with those bit and pieces of crayons that you have at the bottom of your boxes? Usually we would throw them away but recently I decided to make my very own crayons. Our inspiration came from visiting the Crayola Experience in Orlando over the past summer. There we saw them melt the crayons and shaped them so we decided to do the same thing at home as well. While we used heart molds you can use any mold you may have at home. This is so easy to do that we were amazed that we didn’t do it sooner.


Supplies needed:

  • Crayons
  • Mold


1. Take the paper off the crayons, you don’t want paper in your crayon when it’s done.

2. Cut your crayons into little pieces if they’re not broken already. For this project we ended up buying a pack of Crazy Art crayons at our local Walmart for under $2.

3. Put your crayons into your mold.

4.  Pre-heat your oven to 200°. Place your mold in your pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes.

5. Take out your mold and swirl the melted crayons for a marbled look.


Madison enjoyed making her own crayons and even using them in the end. They are all unique and no two would ever be the same. I hope you enjoyed our little crayon maker craft today and be sure to check us out on Growing Up Madison for more fun and easy crafting.

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