Making my bed was probably one of my least favorite chores growing up. Sure, it made my room look neater, but I really didn’t see the point in it because I was just going to be back in it at night. Today’s kids have a lot more going on and I am sure they will agree with me, that making the bed takes up time that they could be spending doing other things.

Now that problem is solved with ZipIt Bedding. ZipIt Bedding offers a wide variety of patterns and is really easy to use. The product is actually pretty neat considering. Think of it as a sleeping bag that has a fitted sheet. The item fits over the mattress like a fitted sheet normally would, which makes it really easy to get on and keep on.  Simply unzip this hop in, and zip up. Once out of bed, simply sip it up and the bed is made.


The zipper on this item is plastic with a metal pull When using the zipper, there were no issues encountered with sticking or material getting in the way. The material is good quality and when washed, this did hold up nicely. I did notice minimal shrinking which did not effect the fit but no color fading. Looking at the stitching on this item, it is well done with no loose threads evident. The pattern was precisely what I anticipated it to look like and the material is actually quite soft.

This would make a wonderful gift idea for kids who hate making their bed or frustrated parents that are looking for a cool way to motivate your child to make their bed.

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