Sticky poop? Beware no more!

I love cats but the stink poop and smell of urine can really be a burden on that relationship.

The litter genie solves that problem however. No more stink, no more wasting bags.

The litter genie is a simple, convenient way to hold your cats litter poop with a few easy steps.

Step 1: scoop
Step 2: pour into genie
Step 3: pull latch
Step 4: (when bag is filled) throw away trash

Simple and easy!

10615362_574317239346868_5410909065346992094_nThis is the best invention and I don’t know where my head was before I got this product.

I hated scooping litter because I hated wasting bags. One bag 2 times a day now that’s crazy.

Plus, I just got a pair of newborn kittens, so I have three cats and two litter boxes. Now that’s a lot of bags being wasted.

The smell is no longer lingering and my visitors can’t even tell I have cats (until they see them of course) 😉

I highly recommend any cat owner to purchase this product.

I heard it even works with dogs poop!

Have fun and deal with the stink from your furry friends no longer!

Average price: $25-30

Available at: Petco, Walmart, Wags, Drugstore.com, Amazon and more!
Sponsored post: This product was sent to me complimentary for a honest review.