Pets are amazing additions to any family. Dogs love to run and jump and play; they’re often the watchdogs, the protectors, and their silly antics provide hours of comedy to their home. Cats are curious and cuddly and ever watchful; they love to explore, jump gracefully from place to place, and snuggle with their humans for as long they can. Dogs and cats share many good traits, but they each do something that no owner is excited about: shed!

Shedding is a completely natural process, but the excess hair left behind on the sofa, bedding, or carpet is simply not something pet parents want to deal with! And let’s not forget the added bonus of wearing the fur on your clothing! (Especially those new black work slacks that you ironed last night…you know exactly what I mean!)

Luckily, there is a solution – actually, there’s a whole product line of solutions! The FURminator line of deShedding Tools and Shed Control Cloths are helping to bring and end to unwanted pet fur finding its way all over the house. They’re proven to be extremely effective, yet gentle enough for your beloved puppy’s or kitty’s sensitive skin.

Furminator truly thought of everything when they designed the deShedding tool. They knew that with the diverse pet population, no one tool could be properly fitted for all animals. Therefore, they have deShedding tools for pets of all sizes, and with any length of hair.

The Cat deShedding Tool is available in small or large, and for long hair or short hair. You choose the size and length of hair, and you have the perfectly customized tool for your fur baby! The Cat deShedding Tool will gently remove undercoat and loose hair, without removing or damaging live hair. This is key in not only keeping your home clean, but also preventing fur balls, which can be very dangerous to a cat’s digestive system.


You’ll see the effectiveness of this deShedding Tool with the first few short strokes. When the Tool is full, press the eject button and the accumulated hair will fall right off! With a tool this easy to use, and with the incredible results, the Cat deShedding Tool should be in every feline household!

After you’ve used (and fallen in love with!) the deShedding Tool, finish the job with Cat Shed Control Cloths, These cloths are designed to attract pet fur like a magnet and trap it all in its fibers.

This is a great item to use after the deShedding Tool, because once all the loose hair and undercoat is removed, a quick wipe down with the Cat Shed Control Cloths will ensure that everything that was lifted from kitty will then be removed and locked onto the cloth. They are duel sided, with a smooth texture on one side, and a rougher texture on the other.

Your cat will love feeling nice and clean, and you’ll feel relief knowing they won’t be ingesting all that fur you removed! The best part about these cloths, they’re reusable up to three times, so you really get your money’s worth.

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