Letter for Jack. This 8 years old girl, Laura, who was facing her dad’s change of behavior, decides to write a letter to the likely responsible person for those changes, in her opinion. It’s a very touchy video about what alcohol can do to you. How it can change you and how it can affect those around you.

Alcohol is linked with party and too much fun, especially with millions of dollars spent on publicity and advertisement. But the odd part of drinking is not revealed in public: family tragedies, accidents, death. No one gets to know about it.

Concerned about the danger of alcohol, the NGO Bandeiras Brancas has created a video based in real stories to draw attention to the situation.

In the letter, narrated in first person, Laura reveals traumas and disappointments accordingly to her father’s descent. The girl says not only her but the whole family was suffering with his actions. She describes seeing her mother’s hunger because the father was not bringing any food home, her father losing his job and worst, domestic violence.

Her last request to the presumed friend is that he goes away and leaves them alone. At the end of the video, a surprising finish is revealed.

The NGO Bandeiras Brancas, an organization that creates communication ads in favor of peace, decided to make the action through a video.

“The idea is that the video reaches the target public and alert family members, that also need help when in those situations,” says Brunno Barbosa, the NGO’s founder.

The video is narrated in English and has subtitled versions, in hope to reach as many people as possible.

I have seen what alcohol can do to you first hand. I’ve been hurt, I’ve cried and I’ve felt how Laura had many times and often still do when it comes to alcohol and those who are very close to me. That’s why when I drink, I be sure to drink responsibly and tend to lean more towards wine than those hard liquors. I’m very fortunate to have a loving fiance’ who doesn’t drink. No beer, no wine, nothing.

When I saw this video I started crying, and my heart ached because it is so true. And I feel so bad for what Laura and her mother had to go through. The effects of alcohol can not only be deadly to you physically but can also be deadly to your mind and can change you. These kind of issues need to be recognized and addressed quickly and urgently before it gets out of hand.

Have you had the effects of alcohol-abuse affect you?



Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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