Games are a hot item that have been around for many years. They offer leaning and a competitive edge to players which is what really makes the game fun. There are games that we all grew up playing and there are new games. I personally love the newer games because it’s fresh and fun.

Blue Orange Games offers a series of games which were made to offer more than just fun, learning. With Christmas right around the corner, here are three different games to take a look at, that would make great holiday gifts!


Super Genius Multiplication 1 is a game where children match cards. This is really a fun and cool twist to learning the necessary facts for school, while the kids not even knowing. Teachers came together with Blue Orange Games to offer the facts that are expected to be known. Illustrations on these cards are fun and easy to read. This is recommended for ages 8+ and can have 1-6 players. This game focuses on visual perception, focus and attention, speech and language, processing speed, and problem solving of course. There are 42 cards in this game and the container has a magnetic closure to keep the cards in place when put away.


Wink is a pretty fun game even for adults. The trick of this game is find the player with the matching card you place your game piece on. It seems easy enough, but here is the kicker, the player that has your card, you have to wink to each other. If another player catches you in the act, you and the other player will lose the cards and the person who catches you gains that match. It’s actually a lot of fun and we had a ton of laughs with this one. This game is recommended for ages 8+ and can have 4-8 players. This game focuses social play, attention, and focus.


Goblet Gobblers is a unique spin on the classic “Tic Tac Toe.” This seemed to be a favorite for the kids in my life. The pieces are all wooden. The concept of the game is just like Tic Tac Toe, but it offers a spin to it. Players can block an opponent by gobbling their opponents smaller pieces. Players will have to remember what they gobble because if they decide to move the gobbling piece it could potentially reveal a winning piece for their opponent. This game is recommended for ages 5 + and is a two player game. The game offers skills such as visual perception, problem solving, memory, focus, and attention.

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