I am happy to review the Kiss everlasting French Manicure set I received from Influenster to test and review.

I will start off by being honest and admitting I not a huge fan of glue on nails, never have been.

However these nails really do have the feel for the real thing. It is easy to apply and the pack comes with many different sizes to fit all nails and a few extras to do at least two sets.

My only complaint was that the nails didn’t last very long. When I showered, washed dishes, I noticed it started to loosen up and within 2 days the nails were completely off. On the plus side, it’s way cheaper than going to the salon and may work great for someone who just needs a quick nail change for a party or special occasion.

After writing my review on Kiss Facebook, I got a reply from them recommending to hold the nails with the glue for longer than 15 seconds to make sure it gets the full stick. Next time I will try that.

When applying I laid all the nails out based on size and placed the nails on each finger to find the best fit. Once I found the right fit, I glued on the nails, one by one. I highly recommend finding the right fit, if not the final look may not appear what you desired. The nails may be too big or too small and will look odd. Take the extra time and find the right one for each nail.

I may give this another try and will hold the nail down longer when setting the glue. I may also buy another nail glue, one that is more permanent to try. Either way, this product did exceed my exceptions.


Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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