The children’s gift that gives back to those in need

Army Of Plush Robot Toys With A Mission To Better The World,
Teach Children Cause Advocacy And Compassion

This time of year brings friends and families together to celebrate the joys of life and the act of giving back to communities around us. Kauzbots, the company that helps you contribute to an array of charities with their precious plush robots, aims to raise awareness and encourage everyone to give back during this holiday season. Their year-round efforts are especially distinguishable during this time of selflessness and advocacy.

“We strongly believe in embracing the true meaning of the holiday season and sharing the act of giving to those who are less fortunate than others during this meaningful time,” said Natasha Nelson, president of Kauzbots. “Many people go out in search for the perfect toy to give a child but sometimes forget the true meaning of the season. Not only are Kauzbots a great companion for children of all ages, they also provide a learning opportunity about the variety of hardships people encounter throughout the world and can ultimately inspire children to brainstorm different ideas on how they can help those in need.”

In addition to being an adorable gift to give, Kauzbots, the cuddly stuffed “robots with a heart,” offer an opportunity to be charitable through the act of gifting. This group of 10 heroic robots fights a variety of hardships that affect millions throughout the world. 10 percent of the retail price is donated to their individual ‘kauz,’ which raise awareness for different charities that support: refugees, homeless children, pediatric cancer and autism research, just to name a few.

“My 11 year old son loves playing with his Kauzbots but they have also taught him about important causes he now wants to support. There are a lot of obstacles in life that affect people worldwide and we each have the power to change that,” explained Nelson. “We don’t think of Kauzbots as just any ordinary toy, we see them as a teaching tool that allows dialogue about social responsibility to occur between parents and their children. Each of our Kauzbots has their own heart-warming tale to tell which inspires children and grownups alike to lend a helping hand.”

The holiday season is a time to give back and the army of fearless Kauzbots presents a playful way to accomplish this. To read more about the philantrophic journey of each individual Kauzbot, go to


Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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