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  1. Sharon Rooney Reply

    Stylish comfort is my a biggest problem and that I like shoes with a heel.

  2. Kelly Nicholson Reply

    What’s your one problem when it comes to shoes?

    wear and tear..i like to wear mine until they fall off,but not like after two weeks

  3. ladymagnolia99 Reply

    I would say now a days it will be comfort. When I was younger anything went, but now I just can’t wear all the new styles!!!

    judy Cox

  4. kelly mcgrew Reply

    i have a problem w/ finding shoes w/ a nice cushion inside for my feet! working downtown i have to walk a lot throughout the day and need shoes w/ support!

  5. My problem is finding shoes that are a comfortable fit. I find that a lot of shoes don’t have enough room for my long toes.

  6. Dominique Cloutier Reply

    Never having enough is my biggest problem! Lol. I like bright colors, but I like matching, so it’s a problem, especially on my budget. lol

  7. My biggest problem when finding shoes is that I’m a woman who wears at least a 10 – but .. sometimes an 11 or even a 10 wide – it would be great if there was a universal fit for shoes so that I wouldn’t have to “Guess” about which size to buy when buying online- I once ordered 4 pairs of wedges on clearance from a site and NONE of them fit correctly – I had to give them away

  8. My problem with shoes is that I’d rather be barefoot! Must have comfortable shoes.

    slehan at juno dot com

  9. One problem I have that comes up sometimes is the top of my foot rubbing inside the shoe – I don’t know what the deal is but it’s a pain!

  10. bbybrwneyez34 Reply

    My biggest problem is finding shoes that are wide width.Some of the shoe stores I go to doesn’t have a big selection when it comes to wide shoes,I have to order mine online

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