Unpacking the Spring Voxbox by Influenster:
– Rimmel London ScandalEyes
– Nivea Skin Firming Hydrating lotion
– Playtex Sports Tampons
– Softlips Cube (Raspberry Lemonade)
– Kiss Everlasting French tips
– Labor Day Apple pie air freshener

This was my first box from Influenster and I was very excited to open it up and see what I got! Above is the list of what I received. I got these products to test and review.

ScandalEyes 3.5 stars: I personally really like this product. However, the only downfall was when trying to get the brush with mascara it clumped, making it difficult to put on. The reason I do like this product is because once it’s on, correctly it looks great! Lasts long, doesn’t smear. If the clumping went down or gets fixed, I’d definitely buy this product again, but for now, going to use this sample and go back to my original mascara.

Nivea 5 stars: Nivea has always been my favorite lotion! The scent, the variety of products, I can very seem to go wrong. I was very happy to revived this product. It wasn’t something I’d pick up and buy from the store because ‘hydration firming’ didn’t really catch my eye. However, don’t let the title fool you! This lotion is jammed packed, from good scent, to smoothness. I highly recommend this product and can’t find one complaint.

Playtex 4.5 stars: I was quite thrilled to see this in my box! I was on my period and was just about to make a trip to the store for some and before leaving checked the mail and here they were! I was a bit hesitant at first because I am very sensitive to tampons but may I say, this tampon works like a breeze! I can’t even tell I’m wearing it! The only reason it didn’t get a 5 star is because it’s not ‘compact,’ the size of the tampons are the normal size, which is hard to keep in my purse or back pocket. If they come out with compact ones I don’t think I’d every buy another brand of tampons again.

Softlips 5 stars: I was super excited to be one of the few selected to try this product! It is my favorite thing in the box. I have used it everyday straight since I have gotten my Voxbox. The cube is really compact and light weight. I love the fact that it has SPF, perfect for the summer sun. The smell is unreal! I can’t wait to try the other scents. The balm tingles when it settles on your lips which feels really nice.

Kiss 3.5: I am not a huge fan of glue on nails, never have been. However these nails really so have some feel for the real thing. It is easy to put on and the pack comes with many different sizes and a few extras to do at least two sets. My only complaint was that the nails didn’t last very long. When I showered, washed dishes, I noticed it started to loosen up and within 2 days it was completely off. Plus side, it’s way cheaper than going to the salon and may work great for someone who just needs a quick nail change for a party or special occasion.

Air freshener 4: I was very pleased to have this nifty air freshener hidden in my box full of goodies. It was a nice touch. The scent strength works good to block out old car odors. Pretty similar to other hanging air fresheners you can buy in the store. This one was just a bit more special because it had the movie ‘Labor Day’ on the backside.

All in all, I was very pleased with my first ever Influenser box. I can’t wait to receive more to let you all know about the products I get to test.
If you do not know what Influenster is, visit their website atwww.influenster.com and create an account. From there, answer surveys based on your lifestyle and earn badges. The more surveys you complete the better the chances for you to get selected to test products.