With Thanksgiving among us it’s a great time to re-evaluate what you are thankful for.

Are you thankful for family, friends, work?

I’ve done some thinking recently and there is a number of things I am thankful for. Some may not be visible at all times, but I know deep down it’s there.

I am thankful for my family and friends, most importantly those that have been there from day one. Many of us know the love and nurturing we get from family through lessons growing up, others don’t have such a privilege. I’m one of the lucky ones. I was born with both mother and father, grandparents and aunty, there to nurture me, care for me and tend to my every needs. Watch me grow into who I am today. For that, I am most thankful for.

To be where I am today I am thankful for those that fought for our rights, for women’s rights. So we can be equal and take pride in our justice. I am proud to be free and know that my voice and vote counts. Many women around the world still do not have equal rights and I am proud to have them. We shall fight for our rights. #fightsnotover

Living in Kauai is such a blessing also. I am thankful for having the privilege to be born and raised on such a paradise. I’ll admit, Kauai has it’s flaws but I am so blessed to have had experienced growing up in such a beautiful, magical place.

In life we are so busy worrying about money, relationship problems, work issues,
that we get overwhelmed and forget what we are thankful for.

I read a blog post a few weeks ago about how many times people look at the negative in life. The flaws of their partner, the flaws of their boss, themselves, etc. It only takes a few negative thoughts to make your life feel like it’s slowly falling downhill. It’s completely normal for us to look at negative things. After all, it is important to recognize them.

However, we need to remember the positive things; what do you love about your partner, your job, yourself. Looking at the positive will not only help calm your nerves and help your relax but it will also make things come easier and hopefully help make you an overall happier person.

This November look on the bright side. Wake up every morning like it’s your last. Be thankful for all that you have because you may never know when you may lose it. Give your parents an extra hug, call a family member or friend you haven’t spoken too in a while to say hello, watch the sunset.

My challenge for you is to take a deep breath, try to relax and just enjoy the ride. After all, it’s the only life we have. Make the most of it!

Happy Thanksgiving!