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  1. Julie Wood Reply

    Not being wide enough is what I have a problem when buying shoes!

  2. neva hurlbut Reply

    I feel like shoes never have enough cushioning of the sole.

  3. My first problem is that every time I try on a pair of shoes they stab me in the arch, sneakers are the worst offenders of this, it happens with almost every pair. My second problem is that some shoes completely rip my heels apart, fortunately I have caught this each time before it got very serious. My third problem is that there aren’t enough manufacturers making boots in a size 12, since I wear a size 11-12 in women’s, that does not leave me with many options. My fourth problem is that my foot is extremely wide, and the base/insole of many shoes is shaped very narrow, this obviously does not work, manufacturers need to stop making shoes that have narrow insoles, this is part of what causes the stabbing problem listed above.

    My fifth problem is that manufacturers discontinue shoes sometimes within 6 months of making them, the running shoe market is specifically notorious for this, usually something changes about the shoe from the previous version that makes it unwearable for me, this forces me to find a new style to wear, and sometimes that just does not exist even after trying everything available to me. Finding the previous version online usually doesn’t work, as it just seems like the stock of the previous version will vanish as soon as the new one comes out, even on websites like Amazon and Ebay. IMO its not necessary to make a new shoe ever 6 to 8 months and discontinue the previous one. Some people rely on certain shoes to get around and some people have to stand on their feet all day at work, having to find a new model that fits causes a big problem for many people. It is much easier to just keep replacing things like work shoes with the same ones over and over so you do not have to suffer pain every time its time for a new pair. If its not broke don’t change it.

    My Sixth problem is that shoes never feel the same at home as they do in the store. I do not know why this is. Sometimes I will love a shoe in the store and then when I get home its the most awful thing I have ever tried on. I have no idea why this is happening, but because most stores do not take returns on worn shoes I have wasted a lot of money on shoes that just don’t fit. I have concluded that you just cannot figure out if a shoe is right for you unless you take it home and try it on and wear it for a long time as you would normally wear it,which sometimes means wearing it out of the house and on hard surfaces which is not in the return policy for many stores that sell shoes including zappos. I have tried going to specialty stores to be properly fitted for shoes as well but the same thing still happens.

    My seventh and hopefully last problem is that yes there are specialty stores here in my area but none stock my size, I would hope that a specialty store has my size in stock or really, it is of no use to me. They do offer to order it for me but its impossible for me to tell if its going to fit or not if I cannot try it on, and this just causes me to drive back and forth to stores that are usually quite out of the way from where I live. If I can’t try on a shoe in the store then I may as well just head to an online shoe store and order a few pairs online and return what I hate rather than wasting a lot of time and gasoline driving to and from the specialty store.

  4. Marti Tabora Reply

    My biggest problem is finding styles that I like that are affordable. Sometimes it can be difficult.

  5. I have a problem with my feet being big and very wide! I love heels, but they kill my feet. When you buy heels specifically for people with wide feet, they get expensive. God bless and good luck everyone!

  6. Alison Gibb Reply

    The biggest problem I have with finding shoes is they are often too narrow. I have wide feet!

  7. I never know how the new shoes will feel after wearing them for a few hours. Most of the time my feet are aching!

  8. Claire Rheinheimer Reply

    I have a pretty high arch, so a lot of shoes leave my feet killing me at the end of the day!

  9. The biggest problem I have is finding a pair that’s actually comfortable to wear all day. Oftentimes, they seem like they’ll be fine when you try them on in the store, but then after you buy them and wear them the first time, your feet will be killing you after a couple hours.

  10. Finding a pair of shoes that are both stylish and comfortable! I love to own cute shoes but I also chase two toddlers around all day so I need the comfort and versatility as well.

  11. denise low Reply

    I really don’t have a problem. I have to find the right color of shoes. So they will go with most of my clothes.

  12. Andrea Darst Reply

    I have really big feet, so most flats/tennis shoes look like clown shoes!

  13. I have trouble finding shoes that are wide enough through the toe area. I also can’t have anything tight over my big toes because of serious arthritis in those toes.

  14. Dotty J Boucher Reply

    I think one of the biggest problem that I have is comfort, I think because they make a shoe size for 8 , they think that every size 8 has to fit exactly in that shoe.. not my feet ..

  15. Linda Kish Reply

    Finding shoes that don’t rub in all the bad spots on my feet and that are comfortable to walk in for long periods of time is difficult for me. Also, I have plantar fasciitis so that adds another problem area.

  16. The worse problem for me is that they’re not wide enough which rules out a lot of the stylish shoes.

  17. My biggest problem is that my right foot is wider than my left. Ever since I had an ankle fusion surgery my feet aren’t the same size in width and shoes fit and feel different. I also need plenty of support in my shoes.

  18. Laurie Nykaza Reply

    I like an arch in the shoes and many dont have one at all and they have to be comfortable too.

  19. laurie murley Reply

    my worse problem with shoes are getting a good fit, my feel swell some days and other not

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