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Anyware Connected

The safety of your home is on everyone’s radar and that’s why Anyware Solutions offers smart home services that works as set-and-forget and especially when you are not at home – but of course also when you are at home.

Simply install the all-in-one Anyware Smart Adaptor™ in a lamp at home, which is designed to assist you in everyday routines and notify you when you need to know. Using your smartphone you can monitor your security and climate via the Anyware App™. You can enable the Anyware Smart Adaptor™ to automatically detect when you are away to run the home security services and alert you with any suspicious activity. 

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Magic Light Wand

Turn every home into something magical this holiday season with the Magic Light Wand. This whimsical and fun wand is an interactive way to turn on your holiday lights. I always knew we all had a little bit of magic!

This wand removes all hassle of having to search for a tiny remote or unplug and plug in the tree everyday. It adds excitement to turning on the tree.

Just wave your magic wand in front of your tree, and with a little light and sound you now have a beautiful lit up tree. It helps make the Christmas magic a little more special. Especially for children, and those kids at heart.

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Yale Home

We all know what it’s like to struggle with a door when we have our hands full with a laundry basket or bags of groceries. The darn handle won’t turn, and it becomes a frustrating to get yourself through the door. Well, the solution is finally here.

Yale brings consumers the Navis Paddle, a new handle that lets users open and close doors with a simple push/pull motion. All that’s required is a hip or an elbow to nudge it open, making it perfect for easy access to spaces you frequent when your hands are occupied. The Navis Paddle is easy to install in true DIY fashion and sports a sleek, yet simple design that indicates how it should be used.

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Looking for a unique lighting touch in your home? Brightech offers modern designed lamps that look great in every space!

They believe that elevated design should be available to everyone, and not just the folks with big bank accounts and an interior designer on staff. At Brightech they make it easy to be happy and provide affordable, no-dust lighting products that fit right into your home — no construction required.

From cutting edge LED floor lamps to proprietary solar string lights, Brightech products always lead with innovation and satisfaction.

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Sienna Luna Plus

The Luna Plus is the first steam cleaning system of its kind combining sonic micro pulse vibration technology and 3 levels of adjustable steam control with illumination from a powerful LED light source. The micro pulse vibration feature assists the mop across the floor surface; the sonic effect loosens dirt and grime.

The revolutionary sonic micro pulse vibration technology provides a scrubbing effect that reduces your cleaning time and effort. The Luna Plus shoulder strap makes the unit portable, the various cleaning accessories allow you to clean windows, countertops, bathrooms, kitchen fixtures, children’s toys and even BBQ grills.

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For over 17 years, Snuggle-Pedic has been giving people a reason to smile while sleeping. They offer top of the line memory foam mattresses for everyone. From the makers of Relief-Mart, they offer the highest quality home health products customized to your individual needs.

With many years of expertise, they know what their customer wants and gives them piece of mind with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In addition to mattresses, they offer toppers, and pillow covers and even pillows for every body size. Give them a shot, I know I am excited too!

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