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SmitCo’s mission is to provide affordable, quality products like gifts for girls to our customers on Amazon and in our online store. They can do this since they order directly from suppliers: they have the products made, and then sell it at great prices.

Their selection includes diaries for girls, jewelry for little girls and toddlers as well as non toxic nail polish and art sets, Hawaiian luau costume sets, scrapbooks and more.

SmitCo aims to help you find gifts at the tips of your fingers year-round without having to drive from store to store to get what you’re looking for.

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Sleeping Baby

The star-shaped pointed sleeves and star-fish design is patent pending because it inspires sounder sleep than any other wearable blankets on the market. This unique design from Sleeping Baby, The Zipadee-Zip is allows a baby to move around freely while still providing the enclosed, cozy sensation babies enjoy so much in the swaddle and the womb.

The “Moro” (or startle) reflex jolts a baby awake with a falling sensation. Babies are startled because they wake up and can’t feel their edges like they could in the womb. The Zipadee-Zip provides those “edges” or womb-like environment while providing them freedom to roll and use their arms and hands safely.

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Piccoli Horses

Piccoli Zoo introduces children to the fun of foreign languages while allowing parents and children to play together. With their super-soft plush horse and educational app, children speak words out loud and move their whole bodies in physical play. 

The horses come in 14-inch Classic, 6-inch Mini in a variety of colors and saddles available. For the mini horses, each mini is a surprise, making it a great collector item! These horses come with saddles that are made from fabric scraps, too small for anything other than putting in our landfills. You can also get embroidery on the saddle strap if you choose.

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For road trips, park days or even just going to grandmas, the squishy and super soft, Squishmallows are perfect. Kids, tweens, collectors and toy lovers of all ages enjoy these cuddly characters.

Popping with personality, the Squishmallows line currently includes many different unique animal characters to collect. Each character has a unique background story detailed on its hangtag. The line originally launched with four different sizes: clip-ons (3.5′), small (8′), medium (13′) and large (16′) sizes, but now offers a wide range of sizes along with several seasonal styles including valentine’s, Easter, fall, Halloween and Christmas.

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Sleep Zzz Pillow

The makers of the As Seen on ABC’s Shark Tank’s Twin Z Pillow launched the Sleep Zzz Pillow, a sleep pillow designed just for kids ages 3 and up!  

The Sleep Zzz Pillow is designed with a super soft cuddle fabric and allows the child to feel snuggly and safe while surrounded by their very own body pillow allowing kids to fall asleep faster and most importantly stay asleep.

It is also great for kids with sensory issues. It was invented for a child that had sensory issues. It has now help hundreds of parents get their kids to bed faster and stay asleep longer.

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Founded in 2017, by adventurous girlfriends, ParaWild is a Vancouver startup with the goal of injecting extra fun to helmet sports. Think skiing, snowboarding, biking, skate­boarding, and rollerblading. Inspired by endangered ani­mals, each of our designs has its own character and story. Not only are they striking and add the finishing touch to any helmet-sport outfit, they also unite teams, families, and groups having fun together.

They’ve designed our helmet accessories for kids and adults who love them. ParaWild’s industrial velcro is tested to extreme temperatures and speeds, and uses high quality fur that’s easy to clean. 

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Scribble Scrubbie Pets are adorable, colorable and washable pet figures that kids can customize and collect. Kids can design on their furry friends with the six included Scribble Scrubbie Ultra Clean Washable Markers. When they are ready to draw something new, they can clean them up in the included Scrub Tub, dry them off and start over. In addition to the four pets included, there are extra expansion packs.

Crayola is the worldwide leader in children’s creative expression products. The Crayola brand has grown into a portfolio of art tools, activities and creativity toys that offer children innovative new ways to use color to create everything imaginable. 

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Jakks Toys

Leading US toymaker Jakks Pacific offers a large selection of popular kids toys which is great for the holiday season! Our favorite is their Squish-Dee-Lish, slow-rise squishies that are fun to squeeze and collect. Squish-Dee-Lish characters are an amusing combination of adorable animals, flowers, and foods!

Some fun food design includes a panda on top of pancakes, a sherbet bird, a pear bear, and so many more creative combos! Each Squish-Dee-Lish is created from slow-rise foam, is scented, and highly collectible. Squish-Dee-Lish offers a variety of Series, a Wacky collection 1-2 and a Jumbo collection.

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People have known Razor for 18 years as the creator of the Best Scooter out there, and Razor has way more than just scooters. They have electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, electric skateboards and so much more! The new E Prime is their Lux electric scooter designed for older kids and adults for easy, short commutes, as well as some great outdoor fun with the family.

Designed to impress at school or around the neighborhood, the Razor E Prime combines sleek style with electric efficiency to bring a new level of sophistication to every ride. Featuring a high-torque, electric hub motor, and speeds up to 15 mph.

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Offering learning kits from babies to Kindergarten age, Teach My award winning kits help your child get a head start! Their products teach babies, toddlers and preschoolers the basic skills, things like; the alphabet, spelling, reading, numbers and much more! We aim to encourage early learning, parent child interaction, self-esteem and help children to develop fine motor skills and excellent hand eye coordination.   

Their ‘Teach My Baby’ is the multi award-winning all-in-one learning kit for babies 6 months+. Full of activities for infants and babies as well as screen-free, the kit has everything necessary for teaching baby the basics.

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Stikbot Monsters

For our adventurous and movie loving kids, get ready to create more animated movies with Stikbot Monsters and Stikbot Mega Monsters, new from Zing, just in time for the holidays!

With over 360 million views on YouTube, Stikbot continues to turn kids into creative stop-motion animation moviemakers, letting their imagination run wild. Afterall, being a kid is all about imagination.

Stikbot Monsters are easy-to-pose figures, built with suction cup hands and feet, which can stick to almost any flat surface.

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Yulu Toys

Game time among families is a good way to socialize. Yulu Toys has some fun games perfect for the holidays!

Tic Tac Tongue, put on the lizard mask and get ready for a game of skill and speed. One player flips over a number card. The other two players face off to knock down the correct insect card. The lizard that knocks down the most insects the fastest wins.

Put your skills to the test with Cut the Wire. A device is ticking and it’s about to go off! Players compete to see who cuts the right wire, defuses the device, and saves the day.

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Flying Sushi Kitchen

Roll into the new Flying Sushi Kitchen action game from RedwoodVentures! Whether you love sushi or not – Flying Sushi Kitchen is sure to cause a ruckus at kitchen tables everywhere. Flying Sushi Kitchen puts your competitive skills to the test as you pluck pieces of floating sushi rolls from mid-air, which stream from the bamboo shoots, in a mad dash scramble to fill your sushi order and rack up enough tickets to beat the competition.

Use the special, kid-friendly chopsticks to fill your order before time runs out. Add a little wasabi and ginger, don’t miss the spicy tuna roll, nab that smoked salmon – and hurry!

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The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide

The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid is a thrillingly imaginative expedition to 100 weird-but-true places on earth.

And just as compelling is the way the book is structured — hopscotching from country to country not by location but by type of attraction.

For example, visit the site of the Tunguska event in Siberia, where a meteor slammed into the earth in 1908 — and then skip over to the Yucatan, ground zero for the ancient meteor crash that caused the mass extinction of dinosaurs.

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Paint by Stickers: Cats

Paint by Sticker, the bestselling all-ages activity book series, is now purrfect for cat lovers! Create gorgeous illustrations of felines in low-poly (geometric polygon shapes) style, one sticker at a time.

An engrossing activity for crafters and artists, doodlers and colorers, Paint by Sticker: Cats brings 12 irresistible cats to life, piece by piece. There’s a playful ginger tabby hanging from her paws, an elegant, blue-eyed Siamese angling for a head scratch, and more!

As in paintby number, each image is divided into dozens of spaces, each with a number that corresponds to a particular sticker.

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These adorable collectible plush that are ‘born’ in mystery eggs and feature exciting elements, from reversible sequins to hair play to enchanted creatures. All 12 sequin hearts reveal different surprises and are removable to wear and share! The rainbow collection includes Puppycorns, Kittycorns, Unicorns, Bunnycorns, Monkeycorns and Hamstercorns.

Each Rainbocorn comes with a baby Boo-Boocorn – a tiny collectible baby hidden in a secret egg for another layer of surprise. Collect them all, including the rare twin Boo- Boocorns! Play with your Rainbocorns and enjoy the new animated web series that launched in September on YouTube.

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5 Surprise

This new collectible line harnesses the excitement of “unboxing” a surprise combined with the addictiveness of collectibles.

The unique capsule features five sealed segments hiding five individual toys. Wave 1 features over 300 toys in pink and blue capsules with additional waves introducing hundreds of new toys.

Find a huge range of surprise toys from finger skateboards, to squishies and sequined hair accessories, it’s a great value with five toys in one purchase!


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The loveable, fashionable, interactive plush pet you can wear and take anywhere! Inspired by the pom-pom fashion trend, each Pomsies pet has a soft, cuddly fur face and tail you can wrap around your wrist, hair, backpack, clothing and more – they are the ultimate accessory.

Pomsies are interactive with two modes of play – Virtual Pet Mode and Freeze Dance Mode. They will tell you when they are happy, sleepy, or hungry with eyes that light up in different colors and adorable sounds.

Featuring up to 50 different reactions with sounds only you can make happen by petting touch sensors.

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Cake Pop Cuties

Twice the size of regular CakePops with twice as many surprises inside! These deliciously decorated 4″ pop includes two squishy foam Cuties that aren’t available in any other CakePops.

Each Jumbo Pop also includes a sticker sheet, a large themed accessory piece, and 2 mini accessories! There are four different styles to discover and collect!

To bring the 3D Cake Pop Cuties world to life, Basic Fun! partnered with Executive Producer Matt Wexler of Wexworks Media to create a series of short animations where viewers follow the Cuties through their adventures in a dessert-filled world.

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