Best of 2018 | Holiday Gift Guide, Gifts for Beauty

Exposed Skin Care

Based in Seattle this company knows the ins and outs of skin care to bring you a truly revolutionary line of products, guaranteed to clear your skin. 

Their six-piece kit of essential daily treatments quickly gets acne under control. The products are designed to work together to clean skin, treat and prevent blemishes, and restore radiance.

When you choose the Expanded Acne Treatment Kit, you will receive the essentials of the Basic Kit (Facial Cleanser, Clearing Tonic, Acne Treatment Serum and the Clear Pore Serum) plus the Exposed Moisture Complex.

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Statement Peace

Statement Peace designs, creates and hand produces all of their “pieces of peace” in their South West Florida studio. Their love for wood is our epicenter and we invite you on our journey. Statement Peace is a high vibration wooden jewelry line that is made from peace and love. From the seed that first lays its roots in the ground and sprouts to see the sun for the first time, each tree has a journey that begins.

They offer a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings for men and woman. From your yoga lover to outdoor enthusiast, Statement Peace has a gift for everyone on your list. They also offer aromatherapy necklace diffusers.

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Love, Beauty & Planet

Featuring many awesome scented products, all their bottles are filled with fabulous formulas made with ingredients that can deliver brilliant care to your hair and body. Plus, they use 100% recycled materials to make our bottles, so there’s reduced waste when you’re done.

Each of their collections is infused with organic and sustainable ingredients sourced from places all over the world and are certified Vegan, using only natural products and never tested on animals.

This holiday season you will see their gift packs at popular chain stores near you.

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Vinomis Labs

Made from Vinomis Laboratories, VinThin is an all-natural once-per-day herbal formula containing no caffeine and no stimulants. Tested in double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials, participants using VinThin lost an average of 1.1 lbs. per week without following any particular diet or exercise program.

The biggest challenges in any weight loss program would be bad habits of eating too quickly or consuming large portions. VinThin uses a modern update of an ancient Greek-Arabic herbal formula to help the body combat the “set point” effect and helps  a person “reset” body weight through multiple pathways.

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Eyezz is an online retailer who makes choosing authentic designer eyewear easy. Independently owned and operated by licensed eye care professionals, EYEZZ offer the best selection of prescription eyeglasses, fashion sunglasses, RX sunglasses and optical frames.

Their stock includes over 100 designer brands and many others that you’ll fall in love with! Special prices for Holidays start at $19.95 + free shipping. With a state of the art optical laboratory in New York, EYEZZ have full control and oversee the quality of lenses and product assembly, as well as, provides us with the ability to offer a large variety of lenses and coatings.

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