With the holidays around the corner, it is definitely time to get into the spirit of things and that means thinking about what you’ll be serving at your holiday parties coming up or even thinking of the perfect holiday gifts!

I love mixing and getting creative when it comes to my drinks. It’s always fun to see what new flavors and tastes I can create. I’m actually getting my bartending license, which is gonna make things a lot more interesting! So to keep the excitement about the upcoming holiday season be sure to keep your eyes out for this bottles.


For the friend with exotic tastes

FOS Greek Mastiha liqueur is a clear spirit with a unique sweet taste. The prime ingredient of this spirit derives from resin of the Mastiha Tree, also known as the Crying Tree.

The rare and natural tree resin is grown and cultivated exclusively on the small Mediterranean island Chios in Greece, unable to take root anywhere else in the world.


For the health nut in the group

El Consuelo 100% Organic tequila is created with USDA certified blue weber agaves sourced from Jalisco in the Mexican region of Tequila, a region with unique climatic characteristics that yield a larger, fruitier agave – resulting in superior Tequila.


For the party animal in us all

Made in the USA and distilled in Florida, Toast Vodka has drawn influence from the high-energy and tropical atmosphere found in Miami to shape its brand character as well as its unique formula based from coconut water.

Not to be confused with a ‘flavored vodka,’ the coconut water used in Toast Vodka’s production is unsweetened and retains all the natural benefits while only subtly influencing the taste profile.


For the classy and sophisticated

Peony is a unique, 5-times distilled vodka, developed from a recipe infused with an array of floral botanicals.

Created by Three Meadow Spirits founder Leslie Farhangi, the brand was developed with inspiration taken from the uncomplicated ‘country-living’ lifestyle found in Dutchess County, located one hundred miles north of New York City.


For the big spenders

Allaire Rum from Barbados is considered by many the archetype to be taken as a reference point for others. The rum is the ultimate expression of excellence from the island.

Aged for a minimum of 3 years in oak barrels and filtered with a proprietary method that gives it a beautiful crystal tone and enhances the sensory richness.

Happy drinking! 😉 I’d love to hear about what you come up with!


Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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