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Many bloggers have teamed up to bring you the last The Hopping Bloggers Giveaway Hop of the year! And we saved the best for last – just check out these prizes! Be sure to enter them all – there is no limit to how many you can win. GOOD LUCK and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


WINΒ a Polaroid iE090 Dual-Screen Waterproof Digital Camera!

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  1. janeritz01 Reply

    I would take pictures of my grandchildren, children, cat and hummingbirds that visit during the summer. (I couldn’t find you on Google +(;every time I get used to something, they change it)

  2. Les Slusarczyk Reply

    I love snapping pics of architecture and the scenery but my dog usually finds her way into those pics. πŸ™‚

  3. Nancy Loring Reply

    I live in northern New Hampshire and we have some beautiful scenery and wildlife around here that I love to take pictures of.

  4. molli vandehey Reply

    i like to capture my kids in kind moments with each other

  5. Dawn Monroe Reply

    I love taking pictures of my grandkids but I’ve been trying for 2 years now to get my husband a picture of all of them together for a Christmas present. It’s my white whale!

  6. TheresaJenkins Reply

    love taking pictures of people and places…when we travel we always get pictures of our travels with us in them

  7. Dawn Monzu Reply

    I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of my granddaughter! Unfortunately I can’t do that anymore, she moved to Alaska! πŸ™ So…I like taking pics of nature now. I love the beautiful trees, especially in the fall!!!

  8. My favorite thing to capture is LIFE, life being lived outdoors with family! πŸ˜€ If life could be considered a thing! πŸ˜€ Happy Holidays guys!

  9. Lauren Becker Reply

    Love to take pictures of my friends and niece and nephew!

  10. Sheila Owen Reply

    I love capturing my grandchildren as they explore and learn about the world.

  11. Claire Rheinheimer Reply

    Of course my kids are my favorite subjects to take pictures of!

  12. jenny stratton Reply

    I like taking pictures of my family or anything outside.

  13. Amanda Stovall Reply

    My favorite subjects to capture are my two kiddos and also my nephew!!! πŸ™‚

  14. lissa crane Reply

    My children are definitely my favorite things to capture! Not only are they the loves of my life, but I know how fast they grow up and to be able to capture that is a gift! I love being able to sit down and relive all the great memories we have together!

  15. Jeanna Massman Reply

    I love taking pictures of the beautiful mountains that surround our home.

  16. I really love to capture my little one, flowers and animals!

    Thank You for the great giveaway

  17. Crystal Gomez Reply

    I like taking pictures of my six year old son doing silly stuff!

  18. I love capturing the perfect pictures of my daughter – it’s pretty hard to get a still shot of a toddler though!

  19. Eileen Richter Reply

    Sport shots of my kids have always been a favorite capture!

  20. My favorite thing to capture with a camera are my grandchildren as the pictures provide lasting memories.

  21. Shannon Smith Reply

    My under water camera died this summer! I would like to have a new one for dive/snorkel pictures.

  22. Stacey Roberson Reply

    I love taking pictures of my little guy. Great memories.

  23. My favorite thing to capture is expressions on peoples’ faces when they don’t know they are being photographed. I also like nature pics.

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