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Regular towels can pull on your delicate and vulnerable wet hair, causing damage to your beautiful tresses. Aquis microfiber hair turban is made with fibers that are finer than silk and it is super absorbent. It dries your hair quickly and gently without friction.

Aquis is leading the natural hair care movement with Aquis towels and other Aquis natural hair care products. Let Aquis show you the way to healthier hair.

Hair is never so vulnerable as when it is wet. If you rub it at this delicate point you can do damage that no serum or shampoo can repair. Creating dull lifeless hair that is prone to frizz and breakage. And if you blast hair with a hot air dryer to dry it, you can do even more damage. Drying hair gently is the key. But this is only possible with a towel with incredibly high water wicking capabilities. Aquitex also ensures that your hair dries fast; because let’s face it – who wants to be a towel head all day?

Aquis microfiber hair towels are the original microfiber hair towel containing Aquis’ revolutionary Aquitex weave which transforms microfiber into a luxury towel fabric. Aquitex has 4-7x the water-wicking rate than ordinary cotton towels, and increases your hair’s natural wicking properties while lowering friction and enabling faster hair drying with less frizz and hair breakage.

The turban has a special patented shape with button loop closure that allows the turban to wrap snugly on your head. The hair towel wraps easily and tucks under allowing you to free up the use of your hands while your hair dries. The turban and towel are both extra gentle on your hair. It doesn’t pull down on your fragile wet hair. You have less friction which means less frizz, split ends and hair breakage.

The secret to healthy hair, then, is drying your hair naturally—but as quickly as possible.

Aquis and Aquitex for stronger, healthier hair.

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