Who doesn’t love Cottonelle?
I recently was able to share my Cottonelle secrets and stories with some very good friends and family members of mine.

Before Thanksgiving I prepped the goods. Wrapping the wipes up as if it was a present, getting ready for the party ahead. After Thanksgiving dinner we got together and we spent time as a family decorating Cottonelle wipes containers and talking about our life’s and what we are thankful for.
Each of us got a conversation card and read the question out loud.
Some answers were very comical, some were silly and some were touching. Together as a family we had fun and laughed.
Some people decorated Christmas trees, some drew flowers, and others kept it simple.
The decorating was fun and the glitter and beads ran out in no time.
Cottonelle has always been in our family. From toilet paper to wipes, it has always been in our home.
Sharing good deals and coupons when available, purchasing in bulk and sharing a roll or two with friends.
Why do we love Cottonelle you may ask?
My answer is quite simple.
Cheap prices, soft, feels good, dependable and trustworthy.
Now are you ready to try Cottonelle?

These products were provided free from Cottonelle through the service of Crowdtap.


Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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