Wrap yourself in the silk filled luxury and soft cotton finish of The SmartSilk all season Comforter that gently forms to your body.  The SmartSilk Comforter provides the same warmth as a Down but is thinner and lighter.  It has a Smart Temperature Advantage that gives you a more increased level of comfort.  Your body temperature is constantly changing throughout the night as you sleep.  The Comforter is made of breathable material that constantly and automatically adjusts to your body’s temperature, allowing you to have a more restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep.  In addition, the moisture wicking properties help to reduce the effects of night sweats.

The SmartSilk Shield Advantage provides you with a proven barrier against allergens, dust mites and pet dander. It has also been certified asthma and allergy friendly.

Special details have been put into the making of this comforter.  The silk has been carefully quilted in each Comforter.  This technique ensures that it will never bunch or shift while you sleep or when it’s washed and dried.  You don’t have to worry about that lumpiness that occurs after a few washes.

The Smartsilk comforter will enhance your sleep and quality of life.


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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. jjohnson46 Reply

    My favorite way to sleep is on my back with the fan going and my feet sticking out of the blanket!

  2. My favorite way to sleep is with two fans on. I must have one pillow under my head, one beside my head and my body pillow.

  3. I am most comfortable sleeping on my side, leaning a tiny bit towards my stomach. I must be nice and cozy, so the comforter covers everything but my head.

  4. Marg Zielinski Reply

    My favorite way to sleep is on my side or stomach. I have to have a cool room and always have a fan going, but I have a ton of blankets on me.

  5. Scarlet of Family Focus Blog Reply

    Sounds great. Thanks for the review. I need some new bedding and it is good to know about this option.

  6. Definitely going to check this out. I love staying way in bed but my down comforter is way too heavy and I am glad to learn that silk is just as warm only lighter.

  7. I’m a side sleeper. This comforter sounds amazing; I love that it’s warm but lighter than a down comforter.

  8. I’m normally a stomach or back sleeper but since I’m pregnant, I’ve become a side sleeper.

  9. Dawn Wright Reply

    I great review sounds like something I could use aand I usually sleep on my side!

  10. Jeena Bittenbender Reply

    This comforter looks so Pretty!! I bet it’s amazing. I love that is asthma certified.

  11. I tend to be all over the place with comfort at night and this sounds like it would ba great help for me as I get hot a lot.

  12. This sounds like a great comforter! It’s gorgeous and I’m definitely a side sleeper, I like to cocoon so I’m sure I’d love it!

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