Sunglasses have never been cooler than with Del Sol’s color-changing technology!

How many of you remember walking into a Del Sol store when you were a child and was amazed at those color changing shirts or rings? I do! I remember how much I begged my mom and agreed to not have dessert if I could get the ring.

Now, it’s all hit a whole new level! Del Sol is stepping up their game and is starting a whole new line of products that I’d be amazed to hear about when I was a child.

Del Sol has solize sunglasses, nail polishes, tees, hats, you name it! They are by far one of the most unique company out there.

Stylish and fun, these amazing color-changing shades come in a variety of styles. Do you take hours trying to decide which color frame to buy?  You try one shade on only to try another color on and the process repeats itself all over again.  Trying to choose a color, or should I say colors, has just gotten a lot easier with the versatility of having two colors in one pair of shades.

How does it work?  It’s simply magic.  The magic of Del Sol’s Spectrachrome Technology grabs the power of the sun.  The Spectrachrome crystals true colors are exposed when they come in contact to sunlight.

They’re 100% UVA/UVB blocking and polarized to prevent glare.  With several styles to choose from, there is definitely a pair of sunglasses to fit any man or woman under the sun!

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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