Destination: Las Vegas

Vacations Hawaii is a popular vacation agency that provides Hawaii residents a discounted rate when vacationing at the ‘ninth island’ Las Vegas.

Many islanders enjoy the convenience, discounted price and quality when traveling with Vacations Hawaii. We were given the privilege to use Vacations Hawaii for our Las Vegas vacation. We chose the 5-day package, which included:

  • Non-stop roundtrip flights
  • Deluxe hotel accommodations
  • Baggage handling and transportation
  • Professional escorts and ground staff on arrival
  • Daily meal plans

The packages have several departure days, times and prices to fit your needs. Prices vary depending on the day, season and package you choose. We stayed at the Main Street Hotel, Casino and Brewery (one of the four hotel options included in the package). Other choices are: California Hotel and Casino, Fremont Hotel and Casino and The Orleans Hotel and Casino).

Heading to Las Vegas

We were excited for the upcoming trip and that day to embark finally arrived.

Our flight left at 11 AM from Honolulu airport. While waiting at the gate to get our tickets, we were greeted by a old-time worker who asked us how our day was and also chatted with us a bit. We instantly felt welcomed and knew this would be a good adventure ahead. Once we boarded the plane our escort greeted us with enthusiasm and gave us a quick introduction with our arrival details.

“Chaa-Chingg.. Vegas here we come,” we heard from the airplane speaker.

I could feel my heart racing as I was getting pretty anxious for the start of this trip. Our flight was a little over 5 hours.

Once the plane was in the air, flight attendants informed us on the movies that will be playing on the seat front TV display. I was quite happy to have my own personal TV display to watch a movie from the selections. There were about six movies to choose from, along with a few episodes. Once we settled in and got the movie of our selection going, drinks were being passed around. There was quite a wide selection of drink options: beer, wine, soda, juice and water.

On one of the channels there was an on-screen map showing where we currently were via GPS. It was nice and handy to keep an eye on how much long the estimated time of arrival was. Meal service was included in the plane ride. Sandwiches, somen salad and pork and rice was some of the selections. A few hours later we finally arrived at our destination, Las Vegas!

Arrived at our destination

We arrived right before sunset. We had a beautiful view of the strip and scenery upon landing.

Our escort alerted us that we were about to land and gave us detailed instructions on how to get downstairs to meet the bus to get to the hotel. She also gave us information about return details and most importantly reminded us to have fun and be safe. When we departed the plane we were instantly greeted by Vacations Hawaii staff holding blinking signs signaling where to go. It was very easy to get to our bus. The signs lead us right to it.

A few minutes after getting onto the bus we departed from the airport and arrived at our hotel about 10 minutes later. Upon arrival we checked in with the Vacations Hawaii front desk agent and got our room key.

The view was amazing! I could see the bright lights and the California hotel next door. We unpacked and opened the windows to enjoy those lights (that we don’t get to enjoy in Hawaii) and went downstairs to browse the hotel.

Main Street Hotel, Casino and Brewery

The hotel was nice and really well-kept. The staff was friendly and everyone seemed to be having a good time. When we headed down the lobby area to our room there was a few statues that caught my eye. The decoration and over-all look made us feel welcomed and at home.

We visited the casino area where there are hundreds of games to choose from (Crabs, poker, penny lane, slots). The options are endless!

Since this was my first time visiting Las Vegas since I was of age to gamble, I avoided the machines the first night. Besides, I was tired and wanted to get some good food.

Triple 7

We headed down to the buffet area and realized it was closed for the evening. We were directed to the Triple 7, which is a restaurant a few feet away.  It was perfect. The food selection was very diverse and the ambiance was peaceful, yet casual.

Our ‘meal coupons’ that were included in the package, consisted of five breakfast, lunch and dinner coupons, along with one specialty coupon. There is a selection of items at most restaurants at all four hotel locations that offer free meals. Triple 7 was one of them. Any item with the palm tree was free and included a drink.

The food was good and satisfying. The waitress did a good job with our food service. We visited the Triple 7 a handful of times throughout our trip. Each meal and server we had made us feel well taken cared of. Each meal item was delicious and well cooked. The restaurant always looked clean and neat and the TVs were a nice addition to keep us entertained.

After dinner we headed up to our room, took a shower and went to bed. The shower was clean and included shampoo, conditioner, soap, fresh towels and a hairdryer. The bed was comfy and the bedding smelled fresh and clean. I put on a lamp, and with the lights from hotels next door, we slowly fell asleep.

The next morning we got up early and headed down to the buffet.

Garden Court Buffet

The Garden Court Buffet area was fit for a ball. The area was lighted with strands of golden lights covering the ceiling. Flowers and statues greeted us and we were seated. The food was nicely separated in sections by cuisines: Italian, Southwestern, Mexican, Asian and more. I was amazed at how wide of a selection there was. I was more amazed at how good everything tasted!

There was an omelet station, meats, pancakes, anything you could imagine. There was also the ‘temptations’ section. Now that was trouble. Sundaes, cakes, cupcakes, cookies. The sweets were delicious and the selection was like a bakery.

On Friday we joined them for their Seafood night. It consisted of a wide selection of seafood. Everything tasted fresh and scrumptious. They also have BBQ Tuesdays, Prime Rib and Scampi on Saturdays and a champagne brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Casino — win some, lose some

Before we headed out to tour the downtown area we figured we would try our luck on the machines. Neither of us were sure on what to do or where to start. So we walked around a bit and got some ideas from watching other people play. We decided to try our luck on the poker machine. A few minutes later and $10 dollars less, we got up and moved on.

Finally, landing on a ‘diamond’ machine, we started to get lucky. Not winning too much but not losing was enjoyable. I enjoyed this game because it had extras. If you landed on three diamonds you’d get a bunch of free spins, plus bonus points.

We decided that was the way to go. If you land on ‘free spins’ you can get 10 free spins, if you land on bonus, you get a chance to spin the wheel at the top, that’s how you win big!

The bartenders were very accommodating and came by several times to check on us and serve us.

During our stay we rotated from Main Street Hotel casino to California’s casino. There was a game in particular that I really got hooked on at the California and we made friends with a waitress named Tammy while we were there. Almost everyday we ran into her and she served our section. My favorite was a Bailey’s coffee with whipped cream! When she would see us she’d bring me one. Winston loved the lava flows, it was so creamy and sweet.

At each casino there were machines to put the ticket stub in to dispense your winnings. It was very handy and also dispensed change. It was nice not to have to stand in line at the cashier.

Shows and Attractions

When in Vegas there is a lot of things to do! You can find things to do everyday, 24 hours a day.

Before we left on our trip, we made a ‘to do’ list. It included visiting several popular attractions and made plans to see a few shows.

Being country fans, we booked two seats at the Tracy Atkins concert at the Golden Nugget. It was so much fun and was definitely something to remember.

The Golden Nugget was located on Fremont Experience which is only a few minutes away from our hotel. On Fremont there are tons of shops, restaurants, pop-up shops and more. At night there is a light show. A video screen runs on the overhead canopy and plays music, clips and lights. It is a ‘must see.’ There is also live entertainment (which can feature some popular ‘well-known’ artists) and a zip line that whisks adventure-seekers through the air.

A lot of the attractions we had on our list were located on ‘ the Strip.’ We caught a bus and made our way down our check list.

Some of the stops included: Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, Volcano ‘Lava’ show at The Mirage and Fountains show at The Bellagio. I highly recommend seeing all or most of these attractions! The Volcano ‘Lava’ show and the Fountain show are free.

We also went to see Jan Rouven Illusions show. It was amazing! He mesmerized us and left us at the tip of our seats. He incorporates dance moves and music into his magic acts, which kept the crowd entertained.

Vacations Hawaii

Vacations Hawaii is owned by Boyd Gaming Corporation and is a great company and will make you feel welcomed and cared for. Each staff member, from before we boarded the plane to when we landed, made us feel respected. This was an amazing over-all experience and I highly recommend all Hawaii residents to give them a shot.

There business hours is 8 AM to 5 PM (Mon. – Fri.) and 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM (Sat.) Hawaii Standard Time.

To request more information on Charters call 1-800-548-8951 and for Custom Packages call 1-800-253-4422.


Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


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