I think it would be safe to say that just about everyone loves flowers. Not only do they offer rich, vibrant colors which in itself perks up a mood, but the fragrance of them is also wonderful. I know that for me, I love to have a bouquet of flowers on the table. Even if it was a bouquet I purchased for myself. They just brighten up the mood and offer an inviting appeal to the room. One issues that I tend to run into, is sometimes my favorite flowers are hard to find and sometimes, I end up getting the same ones, which kind of gets boring for me. I am all for consistency, but not when it comes to my flowers of course.


Bloomsy BoxΒ has a pretty great idea going and I absolutely love them. This website offers the perfect gift idea for those of you who struggle at times to figure out the gift that will keep giving and bring smiles to her face. Offering flowers from all over the world, there is a ton of variety offered with each assortment. It’s a great symbol of your love as well. Forever changing with unique blooms. This company offers three different choices of plans which are very reasonable in price. The cost does include the shipping, and after looking at a few different sites to compare them to, I found they are the most affordable when considering the free shipping. Plus, there is more variety here with this company.

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The site itself is very user friendly. If you find that you need to cancel a subscription, it can be done easily without any hassles, which is what I absolutely love. I like convenience. I was sent a beautiful bouquet from this company to take a look at, share, and enjoy. It arrived very quickly and was packaged just as beautiful as the flowers. All flowers were healthy and I was able to enjoy them for a good period of time. They bloomed in just a few days and I could smell them from across the room!

My guests who came over to my home admired them and asked where I had got them as the flowers were not anything local. When I told them and shared the information, some just simply were stunned at such a wonderful service.

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. Hi Clo…Love your post about fresh blooming flowers! I love to put them around the house as well. I’m sure your mom would appreciate one of those beautiful bouquets; perhaps she has a birthday coming up…jus’ say’n…lol πŸ€“

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