Full and healthy hair is often viewed by society as the standard for beauty. For the 40-50% of women suffering from hair loss, this can cause stress, anxiety, low self esteem, and loss of confidence.

Hair loss and thinning is something that happens to all of us, if not now it’ll happen later in life. But every day new companies are coming up with solutions to resolve hair loss and thinning.

Once I hit about 18, I started noticing my hair was coming out more and more in the shower and with brushing I lost much more than I should have. Now in my mid-twenties, I have started to notice more hair thinning and hair loss that I’d like to see, especially at the top portion near my scalp. Even though I tend to have long thick hair at my ends, my top is starting to thin and I am NOT enjoying it. 

I know that as I get older and as I become a mother and more responsibilities come into play, the stress will leave me with nothing but more problems with my hair loss so I needed to find a solution and fast!

I am planning on getting married at the end of May and this system says that after 3 months you should notice a significant difference. Many see differences in as little as 7 days, but I’m going for the full. That’s why when KerMax asked me to work with them to share the news about their product I knew I had to give it a shot.

At first impressions I am quite impressed. The shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling not only clean but lighter and less damaged. I applied the essential daily foam and the thickening hair serum and it went on easy and left me with my hair feeling the difference after just one use.

The KerMax hair care system is formulated and manufactured in France with natural active ingredients that safely reduce the appearance of thinning hair and hair loss, and makes new hair regrowth possible. Each product is free of chemical preservatives, is hypoallergenic, and free of side effects. It’s safe for all hair types at any stage of life.

This game-changing system makes fine, thinning hair appear fuller, and more radiant with added vitality and strength. With KerMax, you can feel confident and Love Your Hair Again.

KerMax is available in Canada at all Shoppers Drug Mart locations, and in the United States at all CVS locations, and CVS online.

I am very excited to see what difference my hair is going to make at the end of this process and I will be sharing my final results with you, so stay tuned.

I’d like you to have the opportunity to try this product for yourself! I am having a giveaway for one lucky winner to receive the four pack system that I have received and will be using, valued at $150. Enter below!



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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. This sounds liek a wonderful product. Thanks for the write-up, I was wondering about this.

  2. I’ve never had to worry about thinning hair but I’m sure those who do would love this. I actually wish mine was thinner.

  3. I’m 33 and really noticed my thinning hair within the last year or two. Especially near my hair line. I’d love to give this product a try.

  4. Hi Clo! The Kermax system looks like a great product, and I’m going to give it a try. It would be so wonderful to have back the thick hair I once enjoyed. Like you, I started to loose hair at an early age right at the top and along my forehead hairline. I certainly know what it’s like to see a huge ball of hair on the floor of my shower and in my hair brush. It can be quite depressing! Thank you for bringing this product to our attention and for allowing us to see your progress as it takes place. I look forward to seeing your results as I also watch for my own; this is so exciting!!
    I want to thank you for always having such awesome products for your viewers, along with your honest opinions. You ROCK and this website is my absolute favorite; I pass it along to others just about everyday! Keep up the great work, it is much appreciated!

  5. Sharon Rooney Reply

    To be honest with you I really don’t know when my hair started thinning. I have always had fine hair but a lot of it, not so much now that I am older.
    I would love to try this product to help add more volume and fullness to my hair.

  6. My hair got thinner with my pregnancy, it was actually falling out in clumps. This looks like a great solution to get it back thick again! I hated cleaning the drains after my showers because I thought I was actually going bald!!

  7. Laurel Cole Reply

    I can’t wait to try this product. I have noticed my hair thinning on the back of my head and sometimes you can see my scalp!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. This looks like a really good hair system. My mom struggles with hair loss and it really embarrasses her so I know that this is an important part of self confidence.

  9. Congratulations on your wedding!! I have fine limp hair that has been thinning and I can’t wait to hear about your “full” 🙂

  10. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Indeed, there are a lot of women suffering from hair loss. It’s good to know that we have a lot of options for treatment. This sounds like a cool product!

  11. carmela mempin Reply

    This really sounds an awesome product. My Mom will surely love this. I’m going to introduce this to her. :)Thank you for sharing.

  12. Looks like a great products for my hair. I am suffering for hair loss and i feel sad and looking a great products for hair loss

  13. My hair has never recovered from my first pregnancy. I’d love to find something to make it look fuller.

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