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It seems that no matter how hard I try, I always find myself grabbing onto my phone. I’ll admit, it may not be the best thing, but when you own your own business you’re always on the go.

That’s why when it comes to protection, I always thrive to make sure my phone has all it needs and more. So when it decides to go tumbling down the stairs or into that swimming pool, I don’t have to fret about being lost.

No matter what your lifestyle holds: you have your own business, are a student, or just enjoy taking pictures and social media, having proper protection for your phone is important. Plus, phones don’t come cheap now a days. For a decent phone, you’ll looking at spending around $500 or more, which in my case is about a two weeks paycheck.


When it comes to finding good deals to keep my phone and other devices protected I lean towards Groupon. They have the best deals out for Otterbox cases, which I think are top of the line when it comes to electronic accessories.

From a variety of color options, waterproof cases, and even cases with money and card holders, you can’t go wrong.

Groupon doesn’t only have accessories for your phone either. They have a wide selection of consumer good items and other deals that will help you find the best savings, at the convenience of a single site.

What are you excited to grab from Groupon?


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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. Ronald Gagnon Reply

    Though I like what groupon brings to the table, and usually it has wonderful deals…i prefer to deal directly with the manufactuter/salesperson who can resolve any issues quickly and to my expectations

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