When it comes to something fast and delicious, pizza is a hit with just about anyone. Of course, sometimes it can get expensive to order out all the time, so the goal is to be able to get a frozen or homemade one that tastes like it is from a restaurant. It’s true, not all pizzas are created equal. With trial and error and depending on your taste buds, will determine which one brand or recipe works for you, but a lot of it is how it is cooled as well.

I have tried different items to cook my pizza and I have found one that works for my friends and family as well as myself. Introducing the Bella Housewares Stone Pizza Maker, this pizza maker cooks pizza to perfection whether it’s thick or thin crust. Here is something else pretty awesome about it, it can be used to cook other items as well such as chicken wings, french fries, and much more. This is the thing to have for sure!

We are a huge family of pizza lovers and recently the kids have been wanting to try to make their own pizza. So a few weeks ago, we went out and bought some Pillsbury pizza dough, pepperoni, cheese, olives and pizza sauce. We layed out the dough into a rectangle added the pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni and more cheese. The kids didn’t really care for the olives, so we put it on only half of the pizza. We threw it in the pizza oven and in just a few minutes the pizza was ready to go! We even had the kids were asking for seconds.


The Bella Housewares Pizza Oven works wonders! I had the liberty of hosting a football party over the weekend. It was for our team to solidify their spot into the playoffs, so it was a big deal. I made many items using my Bella Pizza Oven. This cooked my items evenly without any issues and cooked them with a quick amount of time which really surprised my guests. My food tasted like restaurant quality, but at a fraction of the price. When the time came to clean this, I really thought after the wings this was going to be a pain to clean, but it wasn’t. But washing it is a breeze! Just take out the wood or the deep dish holder and wash it and let it dry. If for some reason the glass top for the pizza oven gets dirty, just take a sample wash cloth and wipe it down, easy peasy!

The pizza oven is now one of our favorite kitchen gadgets and is super easy to use! My favorite thing is we don’t have to worry about heating up the oven and using all of that electricity for something so simple. With kids, they are always wanting to use the oven to make pizza pockets, small pizzas and chicken wings. Now they just plug in the pizza oven let it heat up and in no time their food is ready.

The pizza oven gives you everything and more, than you get from the normal oven. Of course going out to those pizza places for family dinners are something you are not gonna wanna  remove from the schedule completely, but it is probably not something you are going to miss.

Ever since owning the pizza oven our life has seemed a little less chaotic. I know that’s much considering it’s just an oven, but when you’re running around crazy and feeling like you don’t have time to breathe, saving a little bit of time, truly does help with your schedule.

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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