Finding Dory

When it comes to family they’re everything. Sometimes it may be your birth parents, and other times it may just be people that have become like family. No matter what the reason these people are your family they are just as equally important.

Disney’s Finding Dory is a heart-warming movie that teaches both young and old the importance of family.

When we first heard about Finding Dory I was very excited. I must have been about 10 when Finding Nemo came out and I was all about it back then. I remember I had that will be on VCR and I used to watch it on repeat. It was one of my favorite Disney movies. Then when it came out on DVD I made sure I get that as well. So nearly 13 years later Disney releases Finding Dory. So what’s Finding Dory all about? Finding Dory explains that question that has been lingering in everybody’s mind what about Dory’s family?

In Finding Nemo, Dory assisted Nemo’s father and finding his son and after many many obstacles Nemo was reunited with his father.

Finding Dory

When we first saw Finding Dory opening night the theater was packed. Something that I found very interesting about this Disney movie in particular was it was filled with people of all ages. It seemed that even the grandparents were coming out to watch Finding Dory. Some even came as a date night without their little ones.

My 9 year old sister  thought Finding Dory was a hit! She kept talking about it days later and even wanted to go see it again with a friend. Little did she know that me and my husband had plans to see Finding Dory by ourselves one Friday night for a date night. The first time I watched Finding Dory I must have teared up about 3 times. And one time I felt a tear actually drop on my cheek. Finding Dory really tugs at your heartstrings and for a good reason to.

Whether you are used to a big family with lots of love or you come from the detached family, you will understand the love and the compassion that a child yearns to find family.

Finding Dory is a must-see for all ages and be sure to bring the tissues as some emotional parts make it your heart smiling.

To celebrate Finding Dory winning the box office two weeks in a row check out some of these amazing recipes that both you and your little one will enjoy!

Baby Finding Dory

Finding Dory is now playing in theatres everywhere!

Finding Dory

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We’ve already tried some of these and they are just yummy and healthy too!

Finding Dory

Quesa-Dory – Serves 4
Finding Dory
Hankfurter & Seaweed Slaw – Serves 4
 Finding Dory
Nemo Pops – Serves 2

Finding Dory

Crush’s Turtle Shell Peppers – Serves 4

Finding Dory

Squirt’s Kelp Forest Smoothie – Serves 2


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