Featuring colorful images and clear, energetic writing, Deckopedia takes in-demand topics and trends—such as natural beauty and skincare, juicing, or mixology – then breaks them down and makes them easy to achieve. Instead of a bulky guidebook, the information is presented as a deck of cards, conveniently sized at 4.6 x 3 inches (think the size of tarot cards). They’re attractive, fun and informative flashcards, offering readers a shortcut to a new and improved life. The decks can be carried anywhere – in your purse, glove compartment or even in your back pocket.

They make a great holiday gift, priced at under $20 individually, and a perfect stocking stuffer. They are also sold in gift sets ($39 and up). Details on each deck below!


  • Natural Beauty Skincare Deck: Skip the chemicals and enjoy easy, homemade recipes for happy and healthy skin. Featuring the expertise of natural botanical skincare specialist, Katrina Schenfield  $19.95.
  • ReplenishA Collection of 50 Hearty Juices and Elixirs (each recipe highlights specific health benefits). These delicious recipes deliver all the health benefits you are looking for to reduce inflammation, boost energy, aid digestion, and so much more.Written by health-food expert and nutritionist, Kate Gavlick  $19.95.
  • 50 Ways to a Better You Take the first step to your best self by flipping through inspirational cards. Start your day off right with a quote, or share it with your loved ones as a meaningful gift. $19.95.



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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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