When it comes to Italian comfort foods, I know exactly what hits the spot. Being Italian I love cooking Italian foods and sharing my favorite recipes.

My mother also shares the love for those prized comfort foods. Especially those that come easy in a Crockpot.

About a few years ago, I started trying out this recipe. Altering it here and there, till it was perfection. It has become a family favorite and it truly hits the spot.

My favorite thing about this recipe got to be that it is easy to make, only uses a few ingredients and tastes delicious. Plus, it’s cooked in big portions so it’s perfect for family meals.

Crockpot Chicken Parmesan

Cook time: 4.5 hours

Prep time: 30 minutes

Serving amount: 5

  • Two types of red sauce (I like to use the one pictured above, which I find at Safeway for about $4/jar)
  • Crusted tomatoes (I love the Italian recipe from S&W)
  • Your favorite type of pasta (I switch between Rotini and Penne)
  • Italian Style Bread Crumbs
  • Italian Blend Cheese or Parmesan
  • Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breast
  • *Pepper, Salt, Egg, Oil

Start by lightly greasing your crockpot. I use olive oil spray, which seems to work best. Set your crockpot on high.

Crack one egg into a small bowl and mix well. In another bowl pour some salt, pepper and bread crumbs. Dip your chicken breast into the egg mix, then into the bread crumb mix. Be sure the chicken is fully coated.

Line the bottom of your crockpot with the coated chicken breast.

Pour the two sauces, and crusted tomatoes on top of the chicken breast. Add half the bag of cheese and mix.

Pour the box of pasta into your crockpot and carefully mix the pasta into the sauce. If you have extra pieces of chicken you can add them to the top of the pot and be sure to push them under the sauce for cooking.

Cover and set your timer for 4 hours.

Be sure to mix occasionally, if you aren’t home during this time it’s totally fine, I just like to mix to get the full flavor saturated.

Once your timer is done, sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top and close the lid for another 30 minutes.

Now it’s time to serve!

Pair with some white wine, salad and garlic bread.

Mmm.. Tasty.

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. I cannot tell you how often I use my crockpot (I have 3 different sizes, lol). This is bookmarked, as it sounds so yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This doesn’t sound too hard-I only do easy recipes-might try some time.

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