Creating eBay Guides

I LOVE creating eBay guides! It is super easy and fun to do.

I enjoy being able to share things I learn and things I am good at. I enjoy reading other peoples guides as well. Sometimes I even write guides when I am bored, my blog can’t have too much blabber on it, right?

The first time I wrote an eBay guide I followed the simple instructional video they supplied and browsed through the other guides to make sure I wasn’t doing a duplication guide (which is kind of hard, because there is a lot of guides out there).

I tried to be unique, ‘find something people will want to read, something not everyone knows how to do,’ I told myself. After choosing a topic I started the process, typing away on my keyboard. “tick tack … tick tack.” My fingers were blazing away and it was quite enjoyable. ‘I could do this all day, maybe even for a job,’ I thought to myself.

Caught in the moment, switching over from site to site, to take screen shots for photos to show the readers. ‘Make it reader friendly, make it fun.’ I finally finished my guide. Re-reading it, catching all the grammatical errors, fixing up the links, attaching the photos.

I wanted to make sure my message got across. I wanted people to be able to read my guide and understand how to do what I was teaching them. I didn’t want any confusion, I thought about how I would feel if I didn’t know how to do this and was reading a guide to learn. I fixed some wording and finally I had the final product. “click.” The guide was now in cyberspace, out in the open for anyone willing to click on the link to read and enjoy. ‘Wow, that felt nice,’ I thought.

Some of my guides: