This iRULU 8.9 inch Windows tablet is definitely a steal.

For under $100 you get a pristine tablet that provides you with quick setup,
easy to use features and hours of entertainment.

In the box: iRULU, USB cable, charger, instruction manual

When I first unboxed the tablet I was very impressed at how expensive it looked. The glass screen made the colors very vibrant and pop. It has such amazing design, and top of the line quality.

The tablet has a 2.0MP front and rear camera that can be used for taking selfies, videos, pictures and skyping with friends and family. The picture quality is very good and it captures the photo quickly with no shutter delay.

There is 16 GB built in memory that let’s you save a lot of pictures and games. It also has a micro SD card slot that allows you to add extra storage to make the most out of your tablet.

The software is running Windows 8 and it runs like a pro. It is so fast and the 1.3GHZ quad core processor let’s you multitask and jump from Netflix to camera, to Microsoft Office to the Web in seconds.

61ll-8ocBpL._SL1000_The Bluetooth works great and is quick to hookup to your wireless devices.

The tablet has a 1024 x 600 resolution that offers you bright and vivid colors and crisp pictures to make your display quality the best.

It comes with WiFi enabled, so just connect to your network and you’re set.

The sound is impressive coming from a small tablet. You can easily watch videos on Netflix and YouTube quickly, easily and with great sounds volume, you’ll be sure to not miss a thing. This tablet also has a very easy to use interface that is perfect for the tech-savvy and beginners. The large icons and print makes it easy to read text and browse the Web quickly without delay.

The tablet has a 5 hour battery life which is perfect for traveling, road trips and more.

If you already own a Windows laptop and are using your Microsoft account, you’re in luck. As with a simple sign in you’ll have access to all of your personal files, bookmarks, accounts, apps and more.

This tablet comes with a high end black case with a built in keyboard. It’s so nice to have such a high-quality case come with the tablet. The case easily fits snug on your tablet and with a simple adapter you can quickly turn your tablet into a walk book. The keyboard is small, yet works like a $100 keyboard, working quickly with no delay or mistypes.

I’ve had this tablet for a little over a week now and I use it everyday for school work, games, videos, chatting, social media and document processing. It turns on and off in as little as 10 seconds.

This tablet is the perfect tablet for anyone who is looking for a high quality tablet for an affordable price. It’s great for businessmen, college students, kids, grandparents and everyday adults.

Overall, I would’ve never expected to get all of this from a tablet that cost less than a $100 but iRULU does just that.

Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for an honest review. I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.



Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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  1. Michelle Hwee Reply

    That looks awesome!! I am into anything tech and it looks like a great holiday gift, thanks for sharing it; never heard of it prior.

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