Crayons are something everyone enjoys whether you are child or a kid at heart and they have been around for a good amount of time. Crayola has been a brand well know for manufacturing top quality crayons. Crayola has expanded their market making various items for crayons to make them customized.

A hot item this season is something called a Crayon Carver. The crayon carver is easy to use and recommended for children ages 6+. The motorized engraving machine comes with 40 tiles, including all letters of the alphabet and fourteen fun icons that kids can use to carve messages and designs onto their crayons. A special brush is included to dust off the leftover crayon shavings to reveal crisp engravings. The device is easy to install and requires 4 AA batteries. There is a built in tile storage that lets you insert each tile into it’s own individual spot. Line up the tiles you are planning to use on the yellow tile bar, or store them up above the green tile bridge. A removable tray collects the shavings which makes clean-up easy.


I offered this item to my sister as she is at that age where she loves doing stuff like this. It was very easy for her to understand as well as maneuver. There are directions with this, but she didn’t need them. She and her friends were able to sit and personalize their crayons and had a lot of fun with that. What I loved about this, is there was no mess for me to clean-up after them.


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