Arm & Hammer has been a reputable brand for almost 150 years. They have a reputation for making simple, high quality products, many of which contain their most well-known ingredient: baking soda. From toothpaste to cat litter, Arm & Hammer is trusted to deliver effective products that are loved by all who use them.

Arm & Hammer’s Clump & Seal Cat Litter is no exception. The original formulation is a cat owner favorite; the new Clump & Seal Lightweight is a dream come true. It lives up the Arm & Hammer standard, with the same sized packaging, only it’s 50% lighter! And no more choking on litter dust! Clump & Seal Lightweight boasts that it is 100% dust free, so no more holding your breath while pouring or scooping – allergy sufferers rejoice! Of course with the absence of dust flying into the air, the floor will also remain clear, as there will be no settling dust to vacuum up later.

With three cats it’s really hard to keep up with their messes. That’s why with Clump & Seal I don’t have to worry about an unwanted stench! It keeps all those odors trapped in. That way I can love my pets a little more!
Stamped right on the front of each package is a 7-Day Guarantee Odor Control promise. Micro-Granules are activated as soon as the come into contact with moisture and seal in odors. then Arm & Hammer’s tried-and-true baking soda, mixed with other odor eliminators, kill those sealed in odors. Round out the cat litter greatness that is Clump & Seal Lightweight with their low-track formula, which prevents the litter following your fur baby out of the box on their paws, and you have a trifecta of perfection in functional cat litter! Lightweight is available in Fresh Home or Multi-Cat.

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