Each get together I am the noodle maker. The recipe was brought down from my great-grandmother and moved down to me. I’ve been mastering it for a few years now and it’s always a hit!

It’s also super easy and the ingredients aren’t too expensive.

Here is what you need:

Chow Mein stir fry noodles (uncooked)

3 eggs

Package of bacon

Fish cake

Oyster sauce

Can of chicken broth

How to make it:

Make the egg into an omelet, cut into squares

Fry bacon

Cut and sauté fish cake

Par-bowl the noodles in the chicken broth and 1 can water

Drain extra liquid

Toss noodles with a few drops quarter-size drops of oyster sauce, fish cake, egg and bacon

Plate noodles on platter and top with garnishes; Chinese peas, green onion, carrots, celery and/or any other of your favorites