Vicks Mini FilterFree CoolMist Humidifier is a great addition for any family.

This product helps keep your homes air moisturize balanced which can help you breathe and sleep easier.

Before we used Vicks it was touch to get a good nights sleep.

We constantly woke up, and felt stuffy and irritated.

When we got sick, it became tougher to sleep for all of us, especially the children.

When you can’t get a good nights rest it makes it hard and frustrating to do normal everyday activities.

That’s why this product is a necessity to any household.

Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier is small enough to fit in any area of your room. It is super easy to use and refill. It also has added features such as a night light and a VapoPad slot to add a scent to your air. I used the menthol scent and it was very calming and a great added benefit. The scent wasn’t overwhelming and helped best when colds and snuffy noses began.

Our family actually had the flu right as we got this product, it worked perfect to help clear mucus and stuffiness during the night so we could sleep relaxed.

This product is a great addition to any household and with the ease of use and affordable price it is a great buy.

You can purchase this product at Walmart and Amazon. It may be available at other chain stores depending on your location.

Prices vary but this product sells for about $60.


I received this product complimentry for review from Vicks and Influenster. These opinions are my own.

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. Stephanie Keeping Reply

    This would be perfect for my house right now. Just about everyone is sick!

  2. I have been wanting one of these for my son. He had RSV this time last year and I was told that one of these would help him out. I wish I could have gotten him one. However, this is on my wish list!

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