Having to balance between work and household cleaning chores isn’t easy. With so much work and responsibilities on your mind you can lose control and find it hard to cope with everything.

With these 5 tips you can manage to do all your household chores and the tasks at work without problems. Use them to keep your family life and business career under control.


Get help from your partner

Raising your kids and keeping the house clean isn’t entirely your responsibility. Your partner can help you with the cleaning and household work and you can split the tasks between the two of you. You don’t have to burden yourself with all the work. Assign some of the household chores for you and the other to your partner to save time and achieve better results. You will succeed to keep your home clean with less efforts.

Do multiple tasks at a time as you go

While talking on the phone you can use hands-free and do a number of tasks like throwing the laundry in the machine, folding clothes, washing the dishes, etc. You can create a habit of doing a few things at once to use your time as effectively as possible. You can spend the time when you wait for the coffee to get ready, the computer to start up to pick the toys from the floor and do cleaning work.

Be efficient at work and 100% present at home

One of the mistakes many people do is bringing their work at home and not being completely present at home. This leads to the feeling of guilt that you aren’t a good parent or that you don’t do your work well. The remedy to this is simple. When being at work use your whole time for work and be as effective as you can. This way you won’t have to bring your work at home. When you get home don’t be tempted to check your e-mails and do the tasks you didn’t manage to complete in your office. Spend time with your family and kids and be present body and soul at each moment.

Let your kids help you with cleaning chores if they want and are able to

If you wait for your kids to fall asleep to tidy and then clean the rooms or wash the dishes soon you will get exhausted from this routine. Instead of it you can get your kids to help you with some of the tasks which are appropriate for their age. You can check if they show interest and help them do some household and cleaning chores. Use suitable ones depending on the age of your kids. CityCleaners SW4 is sure that this way you will succeed to get more work done and teach your children of some useful habits.

Ask to have a flexible schedule from your company

If the work allows it you can ask to work flexible hours that serve both your company and yourself. This can be done by working from home once in the week or once every two weeks, taking earlier or later working shift. You can even skip to part-time working hours if you have too many chores and work you need to do at home. Discuss the options you have and come to a solution which serves you and your company.

Using the presented above 5 tips you can find the balance between work commitments and your household cleaning chores. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. If you spend the time for work to really do work and the time you spend at home to do household cleaning chores you will have success in both. Involving your kids and partner with the cleaning and housekeeping will help you achieve better results.


Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.

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