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AT&T Smart Sync

Being a parent is tough, always worrying about your child, especially when they are an infant can be overwhelming. Trying to keep track of feeding, sleep schedules and more while trying to keep up with the rest of your life isn’t easy. 

However, Baby’s Journey, along with AT&T has come up with something to make parenting just a bit easier. Announcing a variety of baby monitors to help make your life more manageable.

The AT&T Smart Sync is a 5 inch internet viewable touch screen video monitor that can be synced and viewed from anywhere.

Husband watching the kids? Wanting to check in on them on your lunch break? Just pick up your smartphone and look at the app and you can see exactly how your child is doing. The 5 inch monitor is big and the touch screen makes it easy to maneuver. You can use almost any smartphone for viewing away from home. There can be up to 4 remote viewers so your family can check in as well.

AT&T Smart Sync

To make things even simpler the device allows you to log and track your baby’s feeding, weight, height, sleep, diaper changes and medicine doses. Plus all of your baby’s data is securely stored on the mHealth server and automatically syncs after an entry. So there is no panicking about when’s the last time your baby ate, or when’s the last time they took a nap. Less stress and all of the information you need to be a wonderful parent will be at your fingertips.

Having our first child was difficult, working two jobs each was even more difficult. After the baby was born we knew we were only able to work one job and as a mother I had to stop work for several months.

My husband and child’s grandparents wanted to tune in and keep an eye on their little grandchild. My mother enjoyed viewing our baby when she slept and loved being able to be in touch. My husband must have loved it the most, after a few months he went back to work full-time and I knew that he was missing the baby. The app kept him up to date with what was going on and also allowed him to see the baby during long shifts.

AT&T Smart Sync

When I have to go back to work, I know it will be tough. But having this device will make things so much easier and manageable. It will be nice to be able to tune into what’s going on and also keep track of things.

Out of everything one of my most favorite features of this device is the baby’s journal function. It helps you create entries of baby’s milestones with time stamped photos. Which makes sharing new things with family and friends on social media easy.

Many of my friends have tried similar devices, but have been amazed by this one. I highly recommend this for any new mother or father as it makes life so much easier and less stressful.

This device allows you to spend more time enjoying being a parent and making memories rather than worrying.

The AT&T Smart Sync 5” Internet Viewable Touch Screen Video Monitor is available at Babies R Us online and in-store.

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