Having a nightlight is important for small kids. I remember as a child the fear of the dark consumed me and often left me not wanting to sleep in my own room let alone get up to get glass of water. Back in my day, we just had the night lights that plugged into the wall which did absolutely nothing for me when I had to actually leave my room and go down a dark hall to get my glass of water.

Today’s kids have an awesome item to help eliminate those fears. Its called Bright Time Buddies. Offered in a variety of cute fun animals, there is something to cater to your child’s preference. Recommended for ages 3 + this nightlight takes 3 AAA batteries. This squeezable fun lights are operated with the touch of the top. There is a one hour timer on these as well which not only conserves on battery life, but helps your child be able to cuddle with this without the light shining on them. Thus, a more restful sleep. The light itself offers a suitable brightness that isn’t blinding, yet makes it so they can see easily.


I offered this to my younger cousin who has a fear of the dark. I figured if anyone would be a good fit to test this, it would be her. She thought it was pretty cool when I first presented it to her. She has been using this for a little over a week and when I spoke to her, she said it was the coolest ever. If that isn’t a seal of approval, I am not sure what is!

This product is sold at retailers such as Toys R’ Us, Kmart, CVS, and Target. 

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