When it comes to our children’s bedtime we like it to be a magical and positive experience. And their bed really has an impact on it. That’s why LightHeaded Beds likes to make their experience as amazing as possible.

LightHeaded Beds is a unique bed that comes with a sleigh-type frame and is available in twin and full size. LightHeaded Beds is unique because the headboard lights up and your child is able to change the image to match their personality or style. It helps kids to never outgrow their dream. The soothing warm glow of the backlit headboard with changeable HeadLightz graphics helps make that time fun. You have the opportunity to upload your own backdrop image or choose among thousands from their online gallery.

To make things even cooler, there is a neat remote control, which is included with the bed. It allows you to power on, adjust the brightness, fade to off or set a timer for it to light off.

We got the Montgomery Twin Bed and the bed was very easy to put together and the instructions clearly stated what goes where. I’ll admit, when the bed first arrived we were a bit concerned about all the tiny pieces. Yet in as little as 20 minutes the bed was put together and our little one was so excited to take a nap.

After a long day of school our 4th grader enjoyed a nap on her new twin bed. She dreamed of butterflies and daisies as her headboard lit up as she slept. Even our little dog wanted to enjoy the sleeping adventures with her, as she popped up on the bed and took a nap as well.

Enter to win a LightHeaded Beds Montgomery Twin Bed! Over $300 value. >>

When she woke up from her nap it was easy for her to change her image and it only took a few seconds. There is a really neat area in the back of the headboard that allows you to store your images. Simply pull it out and pop the new image in. The headboard comes with an energy saving LED that lasts up to 50,000 hours and it was super quiet, we didn’t even hear any noise or noticed any heating.

As kids we enjoy decorating our room and I remember when I was a child I used to love decorating my room with posters. Yet those posters rip and tear and get old over time. With LightHeaded Beds, the experience never gets old and your friends will be ‘wow’ing at the amazing bed you have to offer.

The best part about ordering from LightHeaded Beds is that each purchase gives you a $20 coupon towards your next image. And don’t worry if you don’t pick up an image right away a starter dolphin image will be included in your box.

So what are you waiting for, start giving your child that imagination of a lifetime. After all, their childhood only lasts so long.

To make things even better LightHeaded Beds has partnered with us to give away one lucky winner the LightHeaded Beds Montgomery Twin Bed in satin white. Plus they’ll get to choose one image of their choosing! This package is over $300 and would make an amazing gift to your for your loved one.

Use coupon code clo20 to score 20% off all furniture for the month of Feb!

Enter to win a LightHeaded Beds Montgomery Twin Bed! Over $300 value. >>

Giveaway runs Feb. 1-14, winner will be chosen and emailed soon after.

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Written and managed by Chloe and Andrew of Seattle.


  1. Amanda Lawson Reply

    Oh goodness, so many good ones, but I’d have to go with Ballet Princess Stickers on Pink Background…thanks for the chance! 🙂

  2. Richard Hicks Reply

    I think I would choose the Butterfly Fairy Twins
    SKU: 1171918

  3. Brenda Haines Reply

    The butterfly fairy twins, my niece would go crazy if she got this bed! Thanks 🙂

  4. Miranda Welle Reply

    If our daughter would get the bed, we’d probably go with Sparkling Butterflies on Purple Background
    SKU: 1171337. However, she may like the Fairy Butterfly Twins or something else better. If our son would get it (as they both need beds, it would be even harder to choose!)

  5. elizabeth miller Reply

    This is a really hard choice but I think I would go with the Pink Sleeping Puppies SKU: 1171259 for my 10 year old. She would absolutely love this as she loves dogs.

  6. I would pick the Hockey Player Silhouette for my son. SKU: 15307064_RFR

  7. ncjeepster Reply

    I would get A Dream is a Wish. I love how you can interchange the images. i need a lot.

  8. Patti Parker Reply

    OMG What a super neat idea for kids! I love this. My son would like the Football On Fire And Water ( sku # 8692261_RFR ). And I love that this is interchangeable to grow with changing tastes!

  9. I would chose either the Sparkling Butterflies on Purple Background sku# 1171337 or the Spoiled Dogs
    SKU: 4453265_RFR_Spoiled Dogs

  10. Amy Williams Reply

    Mystical Dragon 3 Piece HeadLight Image Value Pack
    SKU: 312345-00-GRP
    my son would love this

  11. Rebecca Foughty Reply

    I think my daughter would love the unicorn value pack. She has a huge unicorn that sleeps on her bed.

  12. Karen Jaras Reply

    I love the white with the kittens but since I have twin grandchildren, ultimately it will be my daughter’s choice on who gets it and what she want on it.

  13. i’d pick- Woodland Friends Colorful Pattern
    SKU: 30074-00-RFR

  14. Jennifer W Reply

    I would choose the Spiral Galaxy (SKU: 1171756) because I love the idea of sleeping with some softly glowing stars 🙂

  15. Tiffany Tubb Reply

    Would definately choose pink silhouetted horses, beautiful!! Sku#1171774

  16. I really love the Butterfly Fairy Twins. But I love all of the holiday ones and how you can change them out.

  17. Shauntea Crutcher Reply

    I like the celestial dreams, sku 1171897 or the USA from space, sku 1172399.

  18. Courtney S. Reply

    I love the Butterfly Fairy Twins! The silhouette style is is pretty.

    SKU: 1171918

  19. Dawn Monroe Reply

    I think these are so neat and I like that they have so many choices. I especially like the sunset over the dock and the tranquil sunset.

  20. This is the coolest product invention idea that I have ever seen. Children sleep hard but hard to get to that point to sleep at bedtime and what a soothing way to let them think, and drift off to sleep in a relaxing way. The picture choices are so vast and cover all basis in boy or girl. The scriptures are my favorite. But my grandson would just love the Skate Park
    SKU: 30109-00-RFR He currently sleeps on our sofa when he stays over night to visit his papaw and myself. I bought a new twin mattress but don’t want it on the floor so I can see why ppl buy these awesome beds to be truly enjoyed by Thank you for their introduction.

  21. I am loving the Chase Your Dreams &
    SKU: 1171656. I know my daughter would absolutely love it too, these headboards are very cool! She’s always had a fear of the dark & what a great way to help kids with that fear! I love it!!

  22. Linda Bradshaw Reply

    We would love to have the Kitten in hammock
    SKU: 1172414 for my granddaughter. It is the cutest!

  23. denise birdsong Reply

    I have never seen anything like this! I posted earlier but after looking at the selection (for the 4th time) my youngest has changed his mind. He would love the SKU: 10575222_RFR_Mountain Landscape with Bear. His room is decorated in bears so this would be awesome! I have the feeling if he wins the bed I will have to order a few of the different pictures. How fun!1

  24. Diana Smith Hill Reply

    These are so cool. I might go with the Far Away Galaxy
    SKU: 1171345, or I might just make my own.. I would have to think about that one though.
    I have some great winter tree pics that would make a nice one or a photo of us at a game.
    Maybe a family photo? Or a religious one.

  25. Ashley Chassereau Parks Reply

    I think I would choose the A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes SKU: 20444601_RFR. So pretty for a princess room!

  26. dzstovall22 Reply

    Soooo many cute choices, really there are lots!!! One being, the 3 Ladybugs, SKU 10029862!!! I’d really look forward to placing fun, family pics in there though, I bet!!! These beds are neat, thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  27. abedabun dawn Reply

    If I were to win, I would choose the SKU: 9716648_RFR_Colorful Butterfly. My grand daughter loves butterflies and it would be for her.

  28. I would choose the Magical WaterFall
    SKU: 13896181_RFR or the
    Dandelion Seeds
    SKU: 29009928_RFR_Dandelion Seeds.

  29. Steven weber Reply

    I would choose the A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes SKU: 20444601_RFR for my nieces!

  30. Lissa Crane Reply

    I love the Princess Kitten! My daughter would just flip over a bed like this and it would be the perfect way to get her in her own big girl bed!

  31. Tamra Phelps Reply

    Hmm, ultimately, I would let my youngest nephew choose, but I think he might go with the hunting motif like the Deer Hiding In Field (SKU: 1438873_RFR.) But, I like the camo designs & the baseball ones too!

  32. I really like this concept & really, really like the Planet Earth image!

  33. My daughter would absolutely love the Pink Sleeping Puppies SKU: 1171259. She loves dogs!

  34. Julianne Pebbles Reply

    I love this giveaway, and I love the idea of bed. We have been , looking for a bed for my son, and he is crazy about the planets, so the twin bed, with a galaxy headboard would definitely be what I would chose.

  35. belinda bell Reply

    I love the spoiled dogs SKU: 4453265-RFR. My granddaughter loves dogs

  36. My youngest son would absolutely LOVE the Lightsabers! That is if I didn’t let his sister pick!

  37. I would most likely choose to create my own image (SKU # 1172718).

  38. I have so many that I like, but my daughter is really into Galaxy stuff, so I think the Far Away Galaxy
    SKU: 1171345 would be one she’d love since it matches a few things already in her room.

  39. Elizabeth Tarlow Reply

    Love these!! I would choose the Solar System SKU: 1171900. Thank you 🙂

  40. I would give our girl her choice of course. But I suspect she might like the Two Unicorns Running on the Beach
    SKU: 1171891. It is very beautiful. I wish I had these growing up!

  41. Tia Russell Reply

    My little one would love the galaxy night light, it would be such a huge blessing to win this drawing. We lost all our material possessions. We are starting over, getting little bits here and there but im greatful that we have each other. Thank you for this oppoutinity! SKU 1171345

  42. I would choose the Flowers and Butterflies Illustration
    SKU: 1171938

  43. I love these adorable puppies

  44. Klydra Pugh Reply

    I’d choose the Solar System SKU: 1171900
    Thanks for the chance

  45. Oksana Kling Reply

    This looks like so much fun, I would of loved this as a child myself, but would be perfect for grandkids sleepovers.

  46. Ronda Patrick Reply

    I am so glad I found this page, thanks for the info and I just LOVE these headlights! The favorite of all of my kids is currently this one…… Colorful Owls at Night
    SKU: 1171901

  47. Wow, there are so many images to choose from. I’m sure my boys would love one of the images from the space and astronomy collection. If I had to choose one for them I would say the light sabers. SKU: 1169052

  48. crystal gibson Reply

    1171900 I like the solar system but my niece would probably want to choose something more girly.

  49. Teresa Organ Reply

    I would choose the Pink Chevron SKU: 23139447. My daughter would use this bed for her cousin (my niece) in a bedroom at her house. I’m sure that they would pick others. 🙂

  50. bohemianbabushka Reply

    For my granddaughter La Princesa
    Peace and Love
    SKU: 1171942
    Gracias for the giveaway!!

  51. There were so many choices! I really like the baseball Up Close
    SKU: 1171907

  52. Heather E. Reply

    I would probably go with a space theme like Milky Way Galaxy. SKU #238607022

  53. Christina Strapp Lambert Reply

    I would probably choose Pink Summer Floral Banner
    SKU: 37696099_RFR_Pink Summer Floral Banner

    So many great ones to choose from!!

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