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In the latest hi-tech 3D giant screen film, SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, Helberg’s narration will take audiences on a mind-boggling journey to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, where CERN scientists are exploring the very origins of our universe — from the Big Bang, to some of the greatest potential breakthrough discoveries of our time regarding the universe in which we live and experiments that could result in turning science fiction into science fact. This is a topic that he is very familiar with and where his comedic genius has long inspired significant public interest.

How did it all begin?  Where is our world and universe heading?  Why do we see less than 10% of the universe?  Are their extra dimensions? Directed and produced by legendary Canadian Imax filmmaker Stephen Low, SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE will tackle these questions, and more, in a way that is fresh, engaging and accessible to the average viewer.  Consider it an adventure to uncover some of the greatest mysteries in the cosmos.

According to Helberg, “When K2 approached me to narrate the film, I was thrilled at the opportunity to engage audiences and hopefully educate children on such an important area of science. I can only imagine how tall I’d look on a giant Imax screen in 3D, but just hearing my booming, masculine voice will have to suffice.”

The film will be executive produced and distributed by K2 Communications, a leading independent documentary film studio and distributor of films for Imax® and other giant screen theaters.  According to K2 President Mark Kresser, “We are thrilled to have Simon narrate our film.  He is the perfect fit for our project and has the ability to make a challenging discipline of science understandable, and even fun, for a broad audience.”

SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE is slated to premiere in early 2017.  The film will show in some of the most prestigious science centers and museums as it rolls out on a staggered basis to markets across the U.S. and around the world.  Along with theatrical distribution, the film will be released on TV, home video and all other ancillary formats.  In all, more than 300 million viewers are expected to see the film over its lifetime.

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